Dealing with Someone that Doesn’t Love you Back

Doesn’t Love you Back

Loving someone that doesn’t love you back can be painful. Maybe it was someone that you broke up with or a friend that you had benefits with and then you got your feelings in the way.

No matter who it was that made you feel this way, it is hard for someone when you realize that someone doesn’t love you the way that you love them.

Not everyone is going to love you and return the love to you that you show them. You might wonder why unrequited love even happens.

Sometimes unrequited love happens because we give our heart to people and we become attached easier than others. Do you ever feel secure in your relationship or are you one that is always expecting it to end?

When people study relationships, those that are in relationships that are anxious and worried are more likely to fall in love with people that don’t love them back. These people try to avoid love because they don’t want to deal with someone not feeling the same about them. They love the idea of romance, but they avoid it.

People that have secure attachment styles more than likely do not experience unrequited love.

The thing is attachment styles aren’t the only things that you need to pay attention to. You will experience this kind of love when you only fall in love with the idea of love. When you have emotions that are overwhelming to you and you are looking for someone to love you, your innocent crush can turn you into loving someone that doesn’t love you back.

Having unrequited love is sucky and the best thing to do is to do your best to move past it. Try to find happiness and not let your heart be broken.

Figure Out What You Want

One of the best ways to get over someone not loving you back is to figure out why you wanted to be in the relationship from the beginning. Are you in a relationship because you don’t want to be alone, or do you really love them?

Consider how you feel and if this person is valuable to you. Figure out why you wanted to be in that relationship. If you really love yourself, you will see that it is easier to make decisions on who to love.

Be Sad

You have to give yourself time to get over someone that has broken your heart. Even if you prematurely thought that they would love you, give yourself time to be sad.

Do not just be positive because that is what people want from you. Feel your feelings and then work through them and let them go. Give yourself time to be sad and as soon as you are over it, move on.

Date Again

Go out and keep dating other people. Once you are rejected, you might be afraid of that happening again but learn to move on. Get over someone not loving you and find someone that will.

You can have a desire to be with someone that will actually return love to you.

Finding the One

Having someone to not love you back is very hard, but it means you haven’t found the one for you yet. The problem isn’t you; the problem is that the person wasn’t ready and that you got serious too fast.

Everything that you do is something that has to be for you. Learn to move forward and let the future bring you the perfect one for you.

Look at Your Interactions

Pay attention to what happened with this person and figure out when you realized that they weren’t returning love to you. The moment that you can recognize what went wrong in your interactions, you can learn from this.

Do not feel ashamed of yourself for not catching this faster but learn to learn from it and when you move into a new relationship, be aware of what happened so it doesn’t happen again.

Get to Know Them

Take time to get to know everything about the person you like. Know their good, bad, and ugly sides. Sometimes people see the best in someone, and they forget to look at the other parts.

No one is perfect and when you are able to see their faults, you can realize that you can be grounded and see things realistically. This will let you see that they weren’t who you wanted anyways.

Allow Yourself to Love

Take pride in being able to love. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and don’t be mad that you are. It is hard to go through rejection but just be thankful that you have been able to get over it and move on.

You will never find love if you give up when you get your heart broken. Learn to value love and let people come to you that cherish you.

Loving someone that doesn’t love you back can make you feel bad about who you are. There is no reason that you should ever feel that way. No matter what the reasons are, learn to recognize that having unrequited love can be amazing because it shows you what kind of love you can give.

Your love comes from a place where you are not selfish and where you put others first. This can make you happy and help you to feel good in your heart. Never be afraid to love someone and you will see that you will meet the perfect person when the time is right.

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