What Is a Karmic Number?

Your karmic number will reveal a lot about you. It will show you what karma you are working on and situations that you never thought you could fix. Your karmic number will make sense to you once you realize what it is.

It will be helpful for you to know what you can expect in life and what is going on. To understand your karmic number, you have to kind the month you were born.

Getting Your Karmic Number

You might think that your karmic number is a random number, but the truth is that this is a number that you are given when you get into the womb. Just like your name is chosen for you, your karmic number is chosen by the universe.

Your name will help you to understand your karmic number and here is how to find it:


Write out your full name just like it is on your birth certificate. Use the name that your parents gave you.


Use the numerology chart to find out the corresponding numbers to the letters that are in your full name.


Write down any numbers between 1 and 9 that are not in your name.

Once you do this, you will find your karmic number. Karma is sometimes seen as a bad thing, but it is not good or bad. It is what you have put out into the universe and what is going to come back to you.

Karma will come by how people live rather good or bad and their karma will come back in the same.

Karmic Number Meaning

One you get your karmic number; you can figure out what it means:

Number 1

This number means that you are confident, and you have strong willpower. You are often in situations where you have to stand up for yourself and you are not afraid to do that. You are very successful in life.

Number 2

This is when you are able to discern, and you can work well in a team.

Number 3

This number means you are demanding, and you criticize too much. You need to stop putting yourself and others down.

Learn to be more creative and do what you can to motivate instead of criticizing.

Number 4

This is your inner self, and you have a purpose in your life. Once you know what you want, you will take action to make it happen. Look at what you want and find out what action you need to take.

Number 5

This number means you have opportunities coming to you. Do not be afraid to trust yourself and be adventurous.

Number 6

This means you fear being committed. You have a hard time being in relationships and once you start to trust yourself, you will see people love and accept you.

Number 7

This is a number that means you have talents, and you need to use them. You need to trust in who you are and share your goodness with others.

Number 8

This is a lesson on life and money. You need to find the financial resources that you need to better your life.

Have better relationships with people and you will be more successful.

Number 9

This means you are compassionate and giving to others. You love people and you are going to compromise to help others, but you will never compromise your giftings.

You have so much compassion to offer the world.

Causes of Psychic Awakening

Psychic awakenings are real, but most are not aware of what really causes one. Since we are all born with intuition, it is there, but most of us are taught to ignore this intuition in favor of logic. Some people are also naturally psychic, but their intuitive gifts are never utilized which is relatively sad. This is leaving the most magical parts of ourselves on the table, untouched. Sometimes, we find this ability and take hold of it in such a way that life is better than ever imagined. This is often due to a psychic awakening.

There are several causes or reasons for a psychic awakening that reminds us of the ability that was born in each of us. These are shared below.

Trauma or Near-Death Experience

There are a few people who have had their psychic awakening following something traumatic. One medium had her awakening following a severe car accident that left her comatose, another also had an accident that caused his gifts to be awakened. Accidents are sometimes a doorway that allows our psychic and/or mediumship abilities to be opened up and revealed. There is no deep understanding of why this is often the case, but one theory is that a near-death event forces us closer to the Spirit and serves as a reminder that we are spiritual beings.

Along the same lines, trauma, such as illness or even abuse, can cause a psychic awakening. Those who have battled a long-term illness can learn to recognize their abilities as they recover. Victims of abuse learn to rely on intuition for survival at times and this builds the connection to the spirit. They then become more sensitive to energy that surrounds people and things, increasing ability.

Death of a Loved One

When a loved one passes it is one of the most difficult experiences we can have. For some, knowing about the afterlife helps them feel closer to the divine and they are able to live a more authentic life following the death of someone close. This puts them in touch with inner feelings that can lead to a psychic awakening. This can happen for two reasons.

The first is that losing a loved one can cause people to seek spiritual comfort and in doing so rediscover their own divine essence, connecting with the soul. This is where intuition is found. The other is that after a loved one passes, the people left behind may begin to notice an increase in psychic ability as they start receiving “signs from their loved one”. This recognition of signs from above can heighten personal sensitivity to all spirit type energy.

New Birth

Many people, predominantly women, will notice an increase in intuition after a new baby is born or adopted. They will know intuitively what a child needs or wants. This is a natural, intuitive doorway to the intuitive realm and spirit.


Sometimes healings, those that are spiritual in nature, can ignite psychic ability. Things like past life regression, cranial sacral therapy, and other spiritual healing forms can shift consciousness and awaken psychic gifts.

Visiting a dog psychic

Many have heard of pet psychics or animal communicators.  People consult these specialists when they have a pet problem they can’t solve on their own.   One such case involved an older male dog and a younger female who, after years of living together peacefully, suddenly began to fight. The owner sought a help from a pet psychic.

The younger dog went to an obedience training camp for several weeks.  This time away was successful and her owners had high hopes.  Everything seemed fine until they brought her home.

Upon seeing the older dog, the younger became aggressive. The owners intervened by taking both dogs for a walk.  This worked temporarily.  Every transition from leash to jacket or room to room made this dog react violently.

Eventually both dogs were taken to a trainer. The pair of dogs did well and even played together.  The trainer suggested that both dogs be trained together with both dogs facing consequences  for bad behavior. Nothing seemed to work and it seemed that the younger dog was fighting constantly with the older one.

Alternative treatments such as collars and supplements didn’t work.   This is when a animal communicator was sought.

Visiting a dog psychicAnimal communicators meditate and then talk to your pet by using intuition.  While they are more commonly known as pet psychics, they prefer the term animal communicator.  They each have their own methods of communication.

Some may not even need to meet with you in person. To get one you really trust, get a recommendation from a friend or a referral from a trusted psychic.

A good communicator will find a way to keep the human from interfering, albeit inadvertently with the reading.  A pet communicator may start with a complete body scan of the pet to see if there are any issues related to pain.

Once this is completed, they will communicate with the pet.  In this case, the younger dog had become aggressive after being overwhelmed by the energies of the other dogs at the obedience facility and was responding  to the stress of the dogs. This stress and anxiety led to the bad behavior.

The communicator suggested slight changes to the dog’s diet to address the aggression issues. This, combined with dog massage and was a huge help to both the owner and the dog.  The owner  provided some dual training sessions with both dogs, thus creating an environment of treats and training with both dogs.

Eventually both dogs were taken to the communicator who found that the older dog saw himself as a means of support for the entire family.   At that point the younger dog wanted to communicate that she felt that she was being punished by being taken to the training school.  She was jealous that the older dog got to enjoy time at home, while she had to work at the school.  The communicator mediated by passing on that this training was to help her be a better dog.

This mediation also had the benefit of pointing out issues that the owner was having in her own life.  Once the owner had taken the steps towards healing communication and tension was reduced things completely turned around for the better.

Whatever turned the page, be it the communicator itself or the listening and attention to the dog things improved.  The change in energy helped everyone.

Whether or not you believe in the abilities of a pet psychic or communicator, it is a good place to go if you have tried everything else. Your pet can feel your tension and anxiety and they don’t know how to tell you.  A animal communicator can try to help.

Online Psychic Network Reviews: PsychicOz

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