What is the Difference Between Cheating and Lusting?

People sometimes cheat and this can be hurtful to the relationship, but people always have their own reasons when they cheat. There are different definitions of cheating for couples where some feel that only physical cheating is cheating while others feel that emotional cheating also counts.

Cheating no matter what kind can be hurtful but there is a difference between cheatings because of love and cheating because of lust, according to many. But why does this even matter?

The difference between cheating for lust means that a person has a physical attraction to someone. This is a physical reaction to something whereas cheating because of love is an emotional desire that they want with that person.

Cheating with your partner doesn’t always mean that you no longer love your partner, but sometimes people that cheat still stay connected to the person that they love.

A person that cheats for love is not getting the connection and the bond with their partner and they are not having their emotions fulfilled.

There is a difference between both kinds of cheating, obviously, but here are some differences between lust cheating and love cheating.

Love and Plans

If you have a partner that is cheating because of emotions, they are doing this in a planned way. They will make plans with their other partner and they will do this because they are not just meeting to have their physical body pleased but it goes deeper.

They will make dates and plans when they want to cheat for love.

Love and Communication

You cannot love someone without having an emotional connection with them. If someone is going to build intimacy in their emotions, they have to communicate more. Someone that is cheating for love will communicate and will form an attachment with the person they are cheating with.

This often means they feel that they aren’t getting the emotional needs met at home.

Love and Building

Building a connection with someone takes time. You have to be comfortable with the person enough to be with them. When someone is cheating based on love, they will be with that person longer because they are not just wanting sex but something more.

Lust and Behavior

A person that is cheating because of lust will go out to have their physical body satisfied. This behavior is easier to control because they don’t have feelings of emotions attached. They just have a passion, and it is easier to control than the emotional cheating.

Love and Choice

If you are cheating, you are doing this by choice. You might love or lust with someone but falling in love is not a choice, but cheating is. If you find someone in your life that you are attracted to, you make the next choice of what to do next.

Emotional cheating can sometimes come out of nowhere because you get close to people but if you have a physical cheating time, this is by choice.

Lust and Risks

Cheating is going to be something that you risk. Doing this can hurt your life and your family and when you go out and have sex with someone, it can lead to sexual disease and pregnancies. This is something that cheaters often do because they have the opportunity to cheat, and it isn’t normally planned.

Love and Getting Over it

When you cheat because of love, you will want to be with that person no matter what. This will be something hard to get over because you will desire this person.

Cheating because of lust is something that you can get over and you can have a one-night stand but when it is motivated by love, you attach to this person and it holds you captive. You can end a physical affair with someone but ending an emotional affair is going to be hard because you fall in love with them.


Cheating is cheating no matter what people define it as. If you are cheating and you want to be with your partner, you need to figure out how to overcome these emotions and feelings and let go of your cheating ways.

How To Bring Back An Ex Who Is Cheating On You

You have recently found out that the man you love is cheating on you. The word cheating doesn’t always mean the act of having sex, but it could be a dependency on seeing another woman, the need to hear her voice, a need to please her. So, you have caught him in the act of cheating on you, and now you want to bring him back into your life. Can you really learn to forgive him for straying from your heart? This is a tough question only few women are going to be able to answer truthfully.

You can bring back the man who is cheating on you, no matter how far the cheating has went, and no matter how bad the hurt is really inside your heart. The trick to bringing back a man is to think back to a point in your life together, that will show you what he loves the most. Does he have to be babied all the time? Does he want supper on the table at a certain hour?

Does your ex feel that he should be making the money in the home? On the other hand, perhaps you have always given your complete attention to this man? While you want to bring back the man you love, and change his ways there are a few things you will have to change as well to bring him back and keep him. You can be sneaky or just outright changed, but it will depend on how much you want this man back in your life.

What Should You Do To Keep The Relationship? 

You can be sneaky about the attack. If you feel certain you love this man, and you want him back find out where he will be and when he will be there as often as you can. Make it a point to be in the same places, and at the same parties. Get your hair done, your nails done, and be fun loving self. Talk to everyone in the room but him the entire night so he feels your presence but not your attention. As you are getting ready to leave for the night, be sure to say hello, and nothing more to your ex, but it is important to do it with a smile.

After a few run ins like this on several different occasions you are going to be on his mind all the time which will lead him to want you more and more, until he calls you.

The only way this sneaky method is going to work is if you are able to act as if nothing bothers you, avoid the fact he cheating, don’t talk about it with others in the room and more importantly don’t embarrass either of you by saying anything in public. Build his awareness of your creative sexiness, and availability without giving him the satisfaction of seeing you mope around. Be fun, loving, and sexy with every one in the room, as you make him notice you are a woman who can get by without him. Most men feel the urge to be in a woman’s life when they realize they are not needed, as strange as it may seem.

How Do You Decide It is Time To Leave The Relationship

The pain you feel every time you see your ex, no matter how much you love him is going to help you determine if it is time to leave him. If you feel you, need him back only because he left you, or that because his heart is not following yours own, it could be time to leave the cheater behind?

The pain you feel because you love a person, unconditionally is different from the pain you feel because you have been dissed. How can you tell the difference? If you feel angry because he is cheating, you are not truly missing him. If you want to hurt him, you are not truly in love with him. If you miss how he holds you, talks with you, or you miss how you spend time together just being together; you miss him and should think about taking the cheater back.

Should You Give Him A Chance? 

The decision to let him go is going to be one that is difficult to make, but you can make it on your own. The feelings of anger, and embarrassment are going to be two feelings that are difficult to overcome. These feelings are going to put a roadblock in the relationship forever, as you can never rebuild the trust while these feelings are present. If you can’t get passed the anger, and the feeling of abandonment, you should leave him where he is with someone else. If you feel confident in yourself, and in your abilities to get by without the man, but you miss him in your life you should try to get him back.

The only real reason to give a man, who has cheated on you in some or in any manner, is going to be based on the fact of love, and not a need. If you need him to care for the children, if you need him to pay the bills, or if you need him for other materialistic things, you should leave him be, no matter how hard it is. If you want the man in your life, just because of the love, you have shared, and the memories you have built together, you should track him down and make him yours again.

Being together, as a couple for love no matter what else, is reason enough to track the man down and give him another chance  but overall you are going to have to sit back and do some serious thinking about the relationship before taking that leap. Find the difference between the need and the want and you will be able to confront yourself, making a solid choice for your life and the cheating man.