Being Straightforward in Dating

There are some struggles with being someone is straightforward and here are some things that can happen when you are this type of person.


There are many rules that you feel that you have to follow.  Stop following so many rules and playing hard to get, be more straightforward.


Dating rules are not always helpful and can waste your time.

Pick-Up Lines

You don’t care if there is a weird pickup line on a dating site, it just helps you get rid of the creepy people.


Stop taking so much time to communicate back and forth.  If texting is a problem for you, pick up the phone and call him.


When you are mad at someone that you are dating, don’t give hints, let them know what is going on and tell them why.


Having openness is good for you and it allows you to handle your issues.  But when you tell people that you are so open, it makes them think you might be a little crazy.

Liking You

You are okay with people not liking you and you will get over it if someone cancels on you.  You will not want to waste their time if they don’t like you.


You don’t always want to be romantic and sometimes you want to just have a drink.  You don’t have a problem telling someone that.


Being backwards does not let people see that you are cool, you don’t care though, just give yourself a drink.

Social Media

You have more fun on social media than you do actually dating or dating sites.


Even back in the day of AOL, you were kind of boring when you chatted.  You felt that people should just get to the point.


You make it clear when you want someone to do something with you and the rest of the time you are flexible.  You always have something going on anyways and you are always busy.  You don’t want them to think that there is anything wrong with you wanting your guy or girl around for your special moments, though.


You are not bossy; you just know what you want, and you are willing to ask for it. This isn’t ridiculous or selfish, just who you are.

Dating Rules

You think some dating rules are ridiculous and they turn you off.


You give your friends advice, but you want to give advice of “why are you wasting your time,” or “they aren’t good enough for you.”  You have a long list of your own rules, but you don’t think that people should go out with someone that is sending bad vibes.


You respond to texts days later and you say, ‘sorry I meant to respond to this.”

Romantic Gifts

You like gifts like flowers and chocolate, but nothing is better than a note or someone telling you how much they like you.  You wish that people were more honest, and you want to be attracted to people that are real and not fake.

Online Dating Provides Options for those over 50

Navigating the dating world in your 50s can be tough. You have children, maybe even grown children. You have a job, perhaps a demanding one. Most of all, you are out of practice so your confidence level may be low. Does it still work the same way?

Dating can be especially tough if you were in a long-term marriage that ended abruptly in death or divorce. You grew used to your spouse and the idea of having to get to know someone else and create a new history with a new person is daunting and, perhaps, a little scary.

That’s okay. Those are normal feelings. However, your fears and inhibitions shouldn’t stop you from getting out into the dating world.

One element to dating that has dramatically changed over the past decade is online dating. There are many online sites that offer ways to get to know people and have helped many find the love they truly desire.

Online dating isn’t for the faint of heart.

Here are some things to be aware of when you decide to take your love online:

  • There are various sites that fulfill different needs. Some sites are especially for those seeking serious relationships while others just introduce people for lunch or drinks. There are sites for different age categories as well and there are several that cater to the over 50 crowd. Research the different sites before you sign up.
  • Stick to reputable sites. With so many choices, there are some hoax sites that wind up at the top of the search page. Look at recommendations and ratings under each site listing to ensure you are dealing with a reputable site. Also, look at their question-and-answer section to see how you can contact someone if you have a concern or problem.

There are both free and paid dating websites and one isn’t more reputable than the other. You can try a couple of different sites to increase your chances at finding love.

  • Realize that getting yourself online will take some time. You will need to fill out an application and upload a decent picture. That can present a couple of obstacles.

First, getting a decent picture to upload can be an issue if you don’t have a recent professional one. It would be best to go ahead and get a photographer or a good friend to take a couple rather than upload an old one or one where you aren’t at your best. It is best to not use a phone selfie because those can look odd.

Your first obstacle may be simply asking someone to help you with a picture. Some people are embarrassed they are seeking love online and don’t want anyone to know. A good friend to confide in for help is a great solution that comes with no judgement.

The same goes for filling out the application. Some people aren’t as computer literate as others, so ask for help if you need it. If you are insistent on close friends or family not knowing your plans, go to the public library. You can get a media specialists to help you with the computer application without any questions or fuss.

  • Be honest with yourself and on your application. Many put down what they think others will like. Be your real self. That will go a long way to attracting the right person for you.

This is a good time to rediscover yourself, your interests and your passions. Be sure to get to know yourself in this process. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a new hobby or hairstyle to create conversation and give you more confidence.

  • Understand some of the nuances of being over 50 may pop up with you or your date. Either of you may have unique family situations and obligations that could be somewhat challenging. The best thing to do is stand up for yourself and tell your family you need some time to yourself.

Another issue could be emotional baggage you’re carrying around from the last relationship. Be aware of that and understand a new relationship doesn’t necessarily have to fit the pattern of your last relationship.

Finally, another issue could be your own lack of self-confidence or a negative self-image. You don’t look like you did at 20, 30 or even 40. What you have is wisdom and life experience that is worthy of sharing.

  • Put the time into developing a new relationship. You spend a good bit of time filling out the application and looking online, so there is no reason to waste that effort by not following through with conversations and possibly meeting. Don’t be afraid to take the next step.

The next step after introductions is to chat in a private chat room on the dating website. You can get more personal with a possible date this way and decide if you want to pursue it.

Remember to keep safety rules in mind when arranging to meet someone. Meet in a public place like a restaurant. Don’t give them your home address or even cell phone number but communicate through the dating app. Get to know them a while before providing them with personal information.

Also remember there can be scammers seeking out potential victims on online sites. Unfortunately, older daters are targeted because of their lack of online savviness and their vulnerability after ending a long-term relationship. While reputable sites are great at verifying their users, don’t assume all are verified. Be wary of people who want to move too fast and shut it down if they hint they need money.

  • Move beyond the first page of the dating site. Expand your reach. Talk to people in public chat rooms. Get to know others in a friendly way.

Online dating can be beneficial if you take it slow and put in the time to get to know people. Don’t look at it with a targeted approach of finding someone to spend your life with but view it as a growth process for you. It’s a chance to get to know a lot of different people, to find out about them, develop friendships, get to expand your horizons and find out more about yourself.

When you take that approach, online dating becomes fun and comfortable without the pressure. That gives you the best chance at finding true love.

When Your Soulmate is Looking for You

When you have a soulmate, and we all do, you will realize that you will get to a point where you are seeking them.  The good thing is, they are seeking you as well.

When you find that you want inspiration and joy in your life, you will notice that you might be attracted more to love.  You will seek divine answers and find that the journey of love is sometimes hard.

You might wonder why finding love is so hard but if you are looking for your soulmate, know that your heart is very wise and it knows what you have desired in your soul.  Your future self will come towards you and your soulmate will be working towards finding you.

When you find your soulmate, you will be thankful that you waited.  You will realize that this is more than a relationship and more than just an attraction to a man.  The great thing is, your soulmate wants the same things that you want and when you meet them, you will have a happy and healthy relationship with them.  Even your world will be turned upside down from his love.

The problem is that you can add blockages to your path because you date other people that you don’t really want to commit to.  You will compromise and find other people, and this will slow down your soulmate coming to you.

You may also find that you are not able to get past hurts in your past and this can cause you not to trust others.  When you doubt who you are, you don’t want other people coming into your life and you repeat this in your relationships instead of facing them.

You need to make sure that you are not standing in the way of your love.


You need to make sure that you are not in dead-end relationships and that you do not let yourself keep getting broken hearted again and again.  You must learn to let this go and move on from relationships that are unhealthy for you.

When you think about your vibrational frequency, when you have a high frequency, you will attract that and that is what your soulmate is made of.  You must go into wanting a relationship with joy and focus.  You must have self-love and happiness before you even begin a relationship.

Date someone and make sure that you know he or she is the one.  Let love win but do not go out of your way to be pleasing to someone that you know is not meant to be with you.  Time is short and this can hold you back.

Open your heart to yourself and to others and let your soulmate come.  By committing to this, you will open up your heart.

Learn to be open to relationships that are healthy for you and make sure that you are ready to be in a relationship before your soulmate comes.


Waiting for your soulmate can seem hard but you have to have enough respect for yourself and your soulmate that you are willing to wait until the right time.

The universe knows when it is time for you to meet your soulmate and so you have to always be open and ready.  You can be ready by being prepared in what life is meant to bring you and embracing it before your love comes.

Fixing a Relationship

When you are dating someone and care about them but then there are times that you cannot stand to be around them, chances are you need to move on and find someone else to date.  When you have a love-hate relationship, there will be emotions that can get out of control.  When a relationship is in existence, it is full of ups and downs anyways, so a love-hate relationship will be even worse.

Here are signs that you need to fix it or move on:


If there are parts of him that you love and you want to be with him, then you need to understand that there are qualities that you love and fix the relationship.


Then, there are parts of him that you cannot stand.  His behaviors annoy you and cause you to be aggravated.

Strong Emotions

Emotions in any relationship can be strong and, on the days, you love him, you really love him and on the other days, you are angry and upset with him.  There might not be mutual ground.

Breakup Makeup

The two of you will fight and break up and then get back together in a few hours.  You forget about the fight until the other one starts again.


You love your guy and you see him as a prize.  You don’t want to give up after you put in effort and you will stick around to see what happens next.


You feel that your relationship has no purpose and you are there just to not be lonely.  This type of relationship will not likely have a real future and you need to move on.


You don’t have a true connection with this person, and you don’t think he is important.  You love him but not deeply and you always fight.


You have feelings that are the same as his feelings.  Before you decide to move on, talk to them and see how he feels.  Does he feel that you are not getting along well?  Is the relationship worth fighting for?


If you love someone or have real feelings for them, you must communicate.  You have to find out if things can be fixed and if the relationship has a real future.  Find something to do that will improve your life.

Working Things Out

Decide if what you have is worth working on and if there is a chance to make the relationship strong.  Do you have the energy it takes to work on this and are you both willing to give your time for it?

Pros and Cons

Sit down and write a list of the pros and cons of the relationship and see if it is worth working out.  If it is, then you will know that it is meant to be.

Blame Game

In any relationship, not one person is at fault.  You are both doing things that can make the relationship feel sour.  You have to figure out how to fix things without blaming each other for what has went wrong.


Talk to a therapist or someone that does not have a commitment to either of you.  Talk to someone that can be neutral and tell them what is going on.  See if you can solve the love-hate relationship.


If you can work things out and let go of all of the hate, work them out.  If you cannot, let go of the relationship and start new.  This can allow you to have a deeper connection and to have new meaning to the relationship.

Will Your Ex Comes Back

After a breakup you will probably wonder if he or she will come back to you. The truth is that even if they come back to you, life will not be easy.  What will happen if they come back to you?  Will they stay?  Here are some reasons you should ask questions.

Wrong Reason

Remember, there are wrong and right reasons for an ex to come back.  If they come back for the wrong reasons, they won’t stay long and will cause you to have a broken heart again.


Your ex might realize he or she was wrong and come back.

They will realize that they left for the wrong reasons and will come back to you, or they will come back and not have any value for you or the relationship.  If there are true feelings left, then they might stay, but if the feelings are not there, chances are they will leave you again.

Do you really want to go back to your ex and chance getting your heart broken again?

Good Reasons

If your ex comes back and there is a good reason that they come back, this will probably be a long-term fix and they probably won’t leave you again.

Getting Them to Come Back

If you want to get your ex to come back, you need to pay attention to these rules and follow them.


Don’t rush them.  Do not seem desperate or try to win them back.  This can cause them to come back at the wrong time and for the wrong reason.  Don’t be so trusting and make them come back and rebuild the trust that you had for them before.

You need to take advantage of knowing who they are and if they are coming to make your life better or if you are going to get hurt again.  If you let them come back to you after a breakup, you need to do this:

Be More Attractive

When you want them back, you need to not allow them to touch you.  Do not have sex with them right away and make them look at you and chase you.

Being close to them and not allowing them to touch you or be with you can cause them to want you more.  You need to make sure that your issues are resolved before you decide to get into an intimate relationship again.

Correct the Problems

If you know why you and your ex broke up, you need to work on making things better.  You need to figure out what needs you have and make sure that they are willing to meet them this time.  Make sure there is no negativity and that you are not being selfish.

If you want them to come back, improve yourself as well.  You shouldn’t announce that your ex is coming back or bribe them to see you but do things in your life to make you better and they will see that you are attractive and will want you.

Don’t be sensitive and allow the issues to be addressed and fixed before you ever take them back.


Focus on who you are and what you want.  Why do you want to give them another chance?  Let them see that you have passions outside of the relationship and find new hobbies and friends.  Give them something to look forward to about you and when they come back, don’t be clingy.

Take time to be apart and see if you even miss them.

Signs They Will Come Back

When you want them to come back to you, your ex will give you signs if this is going to happen.  When you want them back, you miss them, and you are always spying on them on social media or asking people what they are doing.

It doesn’t make sense to you why they left you in the first place and why they said they would never leave you and then they did.  You will wonder if they even loved you ever.

Your pain will cause your mind to try to find answers and not to be confused.  Your brain will give you signs that your ex is going to come back or that you need to do something to get them back.  Your brain will give you different reasons as to why you should be with them.

Know that there are clues that your ex will come back and you need to pay attention to them and see if they are worth it.

Stop Looking

When you still love them, it is hard to stop looking for them.  You might even feel like you are obsessed with what they are doing, and you might always be trying to find out what they are doing.

If you are looking for signs that they are still interested, you need to look for these signs:

  • They start talking to you again.
  • They talk about the past and what went wrong.
  • They ask your friends about you.
  • They are curious about you.
  • They seem jealous when they see you with other people.
  • They tell you things about them that are private.
  • They try to find out if you are dating someone.
  • They give you information that they are single.
  • They blame themselves for breaking up with you.
  • They make excuses to see you that are weird.
  • They admit that they have dreams about you.


The truth is if your ex comes back, can you really trust them.  If they want to come back, they will find a way back to you.

Your ex will come back for different reasons and the way to get them back is to make sure that they are attracted to you, even more than before.

You can show them that things have changed and that you are a different person.  You can practice being kind and having good relationship skills.  Learn to be about others and not to be selfish.  Remember that love and commitment go hand in hand and make sure you are ready to settle down before they come back.

How to Tell the Difference between Real and Fake Love

Everyone wants love. They want to know that someone will love them unconditionally and accept them as they are. They want someone who will be there forever. However, many people looking for the real thing fall for fake love instead.

Fake love feels like love at first. It’s exciting and comes with all the butterflies and breathless whispers. Yet, it isn’t real and never lasts. How do you know the difference?

There are 20 ways to distinguish real love from its counterfeit cousin:

  1. True love will sacrifice for others.

This is a true test of love because those who are in fake love will only have concerns for themselves. They want things to be “fair” and ensure they are getting something out of the relationship rather than how the other person’s needs are met. Ideally, if both are sacrificing for the other, then there won’t be a need to weigh the scales on who gives more.

  1. True love loves truth.

Those with real love can’t live with lies. Truth resolves insecurities and doubts. It builds trust. Fake love lives in lies where people say what they believe the other wants to hear.

  1. Kindness rules in true love.

Real love is overabundant in love and care. It implements generosity and is compassionate. Fake love will cut you and offer pain, even to those who don’t deserve it, because pain suits the purposes of those who are dishing it out.

  1. Real love is patient.

People who are really in love will overlook flaws and shortcomings. They give you multiple chances to change and will wait until you make that move. Those in fake love get angry quickly when you don’t meet their expectations or don’t conform to their standards. They will judge and punish you without hearing your side.

  1. True love has humility.

Those who know how to love don’t care who gets the credit. A person like this admits to their mistakes and seeks to lift others instead of putting themselves in the spotlight. Fake love is the opposite. Those people are proud, want all the attention they can get and grabs credit whenever possible, even if it means hurting someone they love. They will not accept blame either but will blame others for their mistakes.

  1. Real love is fulfilling.

Those who are really in love feel completed. They are happy where they are and enjoy every moment. Fake love wants more. It is always destination-oriented where you think you’ll be happy when something else happens when you get that new job, that new house, a child, retirement and all the rest.

  1. True love shows gratitude.

People who love feel blessed with what they have and don’t need anything else. It finds anything you give is a treasure, even if it is a small item. Fake love belittles you. You can’t give good enough gifts. People who are in fake love feel unlucky to be with you and are constantly feeling like others have more and better lives, which amounts to jealousy.

  1. Real love brings joy.

True love is positive and creates a cheerful heart. You are happy when others are happy. Fake love is bitter and negative. People who use fake love thinks life is unfair, they are the victim and hold grudges.

  1. True love respects.

Those who love you will show respect to you. That includes your decisions, opinions, hopes, and dreams. It seeks to honor you. Fake love doesn’t care about what you think because it is arrogant. You are inferior in this person’s eyes.

  1. Real love protects.

Those who live in true love seek to protect others from pain. It will shield you from things that will cause long-term pain. It protects the relationship from things that would hurt it. Fake love offers only false satisfaction and is temporary.

  1. Righteous dominates true love.

Those with true love have maturity and wisdom. It makes decisions and takes actions discreetly. Fake love acts foolishly. It’s narrow-minded and acts childishly. It is self-righteous and initiates reckless actions.

  1. True love gets you.

Those who truly love you get to know you as a person. It seeks out to know you better so that a person can love you more. It can connect with you without you saying anything because this person can feel your emotions and know what you’re thinking. Fake love doesn’t care about your feelings or thoughts and doesn’t care what is going on in your life.

  1. Trust comes with true love.

A person who loves you has confidence in you. That person trusts you will do the right thing and make good decisions. Those in a fake love relationship are negative about everything you do because they can’t trust you and don’t think you are capable of making good decisions.

  1. True love brings loyalty.

When you love someone, you are willing to make a strong commitment. You avoid temptations to cheat. Those involved in fake love will experience cheating.

  1. True love is faithful.

Those who love believe in you even with your weaknesses and failures. Fake love requires total assurance that you are dependable before someone like that will believe in you.

  1. There is hope in true love.

Those who love can see the future and you in it. They will fight for your relationship. Fake love isn’t permanent, so you aren’t important. They will easily give up on you.

  1. True love wants to enhance.

People who operate in real love always want what’s best for you. They fear letting you down and act out of passion, energy, and excitement. Those who work out of fake love are apathetic and tend to make excuses for not fulfilling obligations.

  1. True love takes care of itself.

Those who love others have already learned to love themselves. They take care of themselves in body, mind, and soul so they can be strong and healthy for a relationship with you. Those who have fake love don’t care about maintaining health. It can even be self-destructive.

  1. Real love grows.

Those in a true love relationship want to grow both personally and in the relationship. You want to be a better person because of it. Those who have fake love seek to argue and fight. It can’t settle things calmly and creates a toxic relationship.

  1. True love lasts.

True love will be forever. It can’t be destroyed even in distance or death. The stories of those who sacrifice for true love inspire people from generation to generation. Those who submit to fake love have relationships that are short-lived because it disappears when it can no longer get what it wants.

Knowing the difference between true love and fake love will, hopefully, help you find the real thing. True love is something worth waiting for and taking your time with after you meet someone special.

Have Luck in Love

Being lucky in love doesn’t mean that you are going to be completely happy or that life isn’t going to be full of challenges.  When you find love, you will realize that not everyone is the same and you need to try new things and do your best to make sure that you are giving your best and finding the perfect relationship.

Finding the perfect love is like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans.  You may get lucky and find someone that fits you perfectly, but you might not find someone that is a perfect fit.  Finding someone that is a best friend can make your relationship stronger and the day you meet them can be the beginning of your story.

Settling for someone is not a good idea and when you are looking for someone to meet, you will know that you have gotten lucky in love.

Luck in marriage does not just happen, being lucky in love means that you have to work at finding the right relationship, work at making your significant other happy and focus on what each other wants.

When you focus towards finding a way to make your partner happy, you will feel that you are lucky in love and you will feel that life is fulfilling for you.

When life happens, it is hard to find people that meet your expectations and your needs.  You want to be the center of attention and you want to find someone that puts you first.

When you are single, finding the right person can seem impossible.  It can be hard to figure out the dating scene and to figure out how to be excited by the partners that you meet.

Especially, if you have experienced a lot of losses or a lot of people that don’t fit your hopes and dreams, finding the perfect love can seem virtually impossible.

Online Dating

Trying online dating is a good idea and can help you to put yourself out there.  You may never find someone that is perfect for you and you may realize that you are single for a reason, after going on some of your dates.

You should check out at least five different people on your dating app before you choose to move on.  The brain is made to prevent you from interacting with new people because it doesn’t always see things as right.  If you have too many choices, your brain will make it feel like love is impossible and you will become uninterested.

What You Want

If you want to get lucky, figure out what you want.  Make a list of what you are looking for and figure out what characteristics you want in a partner.  Connect with people with traits from your list, but also connect with people that are the complete opposite.

Finding people that are different can show you what other things feel like and can make you want to change your idea of what a perfect lover is.

When you find someone special, luck could happen.  Find people that love the same things you love and want to do the same things that you love to do.  Worry more about what you will stay home and watch on tv with your partner than what characteristics you see that are negative in them.

Being Lucky in Love

Figure out what being lucky in love means to you.  What makes you feel romantic and what makes you desire your partner?  Find things that get you excited and that stimulates that dopamine in your brain.  If they don’t make you have these feelings of excitement, chances are you are not finding luck in love.


When you think about being lucky in love, you might think about playing the lottery or being struck by lightning.  Even though this can be a big thing, finding luck in love can happen.  Figure out what you want and put yourself out to find and understand what love really is.

When You Date a Baby Daddy

There are times when the universe might set you up to date a baby daddy.  These types of relationships can be rewarding and fulfilling.  Sometimes, the idea of dating a baby daddy is not what you want, and you might avoid the situation all together, but you might reconsider it if you meet the right baby daddy.  There are some things that you should know when you are dating someone that has kids, and these are important things to remember all the time.

Being Number 1

If you want to be number 1 in someone’s life, you should never date a baby daddy.  The kids will always be number 1 in his life and they will be living with their dad, at least here and there, until they are 18 years old.

You have to understand that when he spends time with his kids that they are going to want him, and he is going to trust that you will help him with the kids when they are crying or into things.  A dad always will put his kids first without making you feel that you are neglected.


A baby daddy has baggage because he has an ex and kids.  This will not be easy and might come with some emotional baggage which might make him not commit to you as fast as you would like.

A man that has a kid has been through a lot and is still trying to figure out if it is worth having another romantic partner or not.


If you are the jealous type, this relationship might not be for you.  The guy will have a mother of his kid and they might hate each other but they might be bonded because of their child.  If you get jealous easily, this might not be the perfect idea for you, or you need to learn not to be jealous.


When you date a guy that has kids, chances are that he will have to figure out his schedule and that it will change, and maybe often.  If you are not the flexible type, you might want to consider dating someone that isn’t tied up in a family already.

He won’t play games with you or mess with your head, but if it means that he has to change his schedule to see his kids, he will.  Not all dads are upstanding, and some do not care about your time so make sure you pick a good one.

Having Kids

Remember, just because this guy has a kid, it doesn’t mean he wants to have one with you or that he is ready to have another kid period.  A man’s status as a father doesn’t mean that he wants to make babies every time he dates someone new.

If you want to know if he wants to have kids, ask him and don’t just jump to conclusions that he does.

Mending a Broken Heart

When we fall in love, chances are that we will end up with some type of broken heart, at least a time or two.  It is never easy to mend a broken heart and there is no way to stop your heart from hurting fast.  When you love someone deeply, chances are in rejection that you will have pain.  Here are some ideas on how to lessen your heart pain and move on.

Work Through It

You have to work through heart pain and not try to avoid it.  You have to grieve so that you can move on.  Go through the pain so that you can make sure that it is taken care of and that it doesn’t surface again later.

Be Independent

Try to find ways to get rid of the void that you are having without starting a new relationship.  You can detach from a relationship and find peace in other things that you do.

Even if you are sad, try to get rid of the grief with your own life and find things to fill your emptiness that are creative and fun.


If you feel defeated, you have to figure out what you are good at and what is good about you.  Build up your self-esteem and tackle some new challenges.


Take time to think about other things that excite you including sex.  Find something to fantasize about that makes you happy.

Help People

If you are suffering, find someone to help and this can help you to recover faster.  When you help another person that is struggling, it helps you to forget your own pain.

Laugh or Cry

Laughing can help you to heal but crying can do.  Sometimes a person needs a good cry in order to move on with their life.  Take time to have these cries and get rid of the toxic substances in your emotions.


Make a list on which activities can bring you joy.  Write these things down and work on doing things on your list that make you happy.  Write a list of things that do not make you happy and try to avoid doing these things as much as you can.

Work Out

Work on getting rid of your grief by working out.  Join a walking group or go swimming.  Find a physical activity that you love to do and find people that you can have like minds with.

Create Your Own World

Create a world of your own where you don’t allow negative energy in it.  Get rid of people in your life that bring you down and find friends that can lift you up and make you happy.


Always look for hope.  There is an emotion that is stronger than fear and loneliness and that is hope.  This is to believe that something better is going to come. Don’t be afraid to move on and to see what the world has in store for you, and always hope it is something great.  Forgive your past, yourself and move on.


When your heart is broken when a relationship ends, you have the option to close yourself off or to figure out how to heal.  Love again and deepen the love you have for family and friends.  Find way sot move on and to find happiness within yourself and within others.

Read this if you want to save your marriage after infidelity

Affairs don’t break marriages: it’s the unfaithful partner who doesn’t want to say the truth about what happened. This is according to Caroline Madden a California based marriage therapist who is a specialist when it comes to affair recovery.

If you are the one who cheated, what can you do to regain your partner’s trust?

Below are things you can do:

Let your spouse know how the affair started. Withholding information can damage a lot of things especially after confessing. What destroys relationships are information that comes out later after unfaithfulness.  They will just believe the facts and start trusting again then boom, more information would surface.

The best thing to do according to Madden is to share all the details of the affair at once. What happened, how long it lasted and what you told your affair about your marriage.  Tell them all these so that they decide whether to forgive you or not.

Answer every question your spouse asks after you’ve told them about your affair. Do anything your spouse wants so that you can feel more secure in the relationship. It just proves that you are ready to do what it takes as long as it will bring your relationship back on track.

You will have to cut communication with the other woman or man. And if they try reaching out to you, fess up.

If you’ve received a text from your affair partner tell you, spouse, right away because if you hide or delete that and your spouse finds out, it will not be easy for your marriage. They will sense that you are doing things behind their back by withholding information.

Taking full responsibility for the affair also means you getting tested for any sexually transmitted disease.  Hiding an affair can take time, energy and attention away from your family. Now that you are done with it, go ahead and show your spouse that you are now ready to commit yourself to the marriage be it visiting a counselor or spending more time with family. All the energy that you had put in the past affair should now be directed to the family.

Forgiveness will not be immediate. Your spouse might continue questioning what happened even after telling them. Be willing to still give out details regardless of how hard that can be.

Your spouse has the final say whether to end the relationship or not. Reconnect with your spouse in a meaningful way to prove that your relationship is worth saving. Your spouse will need that connection even more. Be responsible for those calm and quiet moments. Time for just two of you with phones turned off. You will see that this kind of connection will make your relationship to last long.