Creating peaceful relationships

The most important experiences of our lives are formed by our relationships.  Relationships help your bodies and souls as we learn our life lessons. We see ourselves in the mirrored reflection of other people. Relationships teach us how to love and forgive.  These are important life lessons.  There are some simple ways to make your relationships pass a little more peacefully.

Love yourself

Don’t expect your relationships to make you feel fulfilled. Figure out what you are missing and fix that first. If you have unfinished business and pain from your childhood, do what you can to fix that  first  so you can work on closing the emptiness. You can do this by taking some time for yourself. Spend time alone and give yourself what you want from others.

Don’t blame or judge

Do you like to be criticized? How about judged?  The answer is probably “no.  Before you start with the complaining and accusations, ask yourself why you are reacting that way? It is your feelings? Why are you striking out at someone else.  Think about the lesson you could be learning from your feelings. Try and understand why you are feeling the way you are.  Your feelings are a way for you to grow.

Honesty is the best policy

If you want a true and lasting relationship, you have to be honest with your partner. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you feel and think. Don’t try to manipulate them with your words.  Don’t hold back because you are afraid. You can be honest and respectful. Not only will this help you feel satisfied, it will help your partner will be honest with you.

Live in the moment

Life changes constantly. There is no such thing as permanence. Life and all of it’s forms are in a constant cycle. If we are truly to enjoy our lives, we need to allow ourselves to enjoy the moment to moment nature. There is no permanence so let your baggage go and enjoy your life.

Do you prejudge people?

It’s not uncommon to make assumptions about people or places that you don’t know. It’s part of being human. So it is easy to assume the worst about a total stranger.  Our decision making is is part of a three pronged process.

Here’s how we make our decisions:

How we were raised. The way we were brought up greatly influences how determine our impressions and make our decisions. This ingrained belief system helps us decided what to think and what to believe.

Our experiences.  Many of us know that our experiences teach us valuable lessons. Any child who has burned themselves knows not to touch the stove or iron ever again.  You can  read that snow is cold, but until you have stood in a blizzard, you can’t really know.

Choices Possibly the most important component in our decision making is our free will. It is our free will that allows us to choose. No matter how we were raised or what lessons we have learned, it is our choices that gives our life shape.

And, when we see someone behaving in an unfamiliar way, we judge them without taking into consideration their experiences or beliefs or the way they were raised.

 Case study of snap judging

A man and a woman, Dustin And Jessica were so attracted to each other. they seemed destined to be together. Each felt that the other had been placed in their lives by the universe.  After a while, Dustin decided to help things along and they eventually moved in together. Soon Dustin asked Jessica to marry him. Shortly after this, the trouble started.

The trouble began when Dustin’s mother told him that she didn’t approve because Jessica was over a decade older than him. He began to spend less and less time with him.   Soon the couple began to argue.  Eventually Jessica began to doubt Dustin’s love for her.   As this happened, Dustin began to criticize his lady love.

A few months later they split up. As a result, they missed each other terrible and were quite miserable. Neither could explain what had happened to their happy lives  This all came about from the snap judgements of their families and friends.

This whole story would have had a happy ending if Dustin’s support system hadn’t been so quick to judge his relationship because of their age difference. If they had considered that they were pushing their own values on this couple, they wouldn’t have interfered with this couple’s potential for happiness.

Indications that your relationship can be saved if you contemplated its already broken

We always think perfect relationships exist, which is not the case. This is because people are very complicated, especially when trying to connect with each other.

If you feel like your relationship is having ups and downs, it doesn’t mean its broken. Your relationship can still be saved through communication, willingness to grow together and respect for each other. It’s true that you can’t try to save all relationships, but there are those you can try at least.

Below are signs that your relationship is worth saving:


The fact that you might not be happy in a relationship because your partner is not, is the greatest news ever. This means that if you didn’t care about the relationship and your partner then you would just be undertaking your daily activities normally without feeling anything.  This, therefore, suggests that there is a chance that your relationship can be saved until that time where nobody will no longer care.

The relationship is not over until that time that the connection between you and your partner will loosen. Unless one of you cut that connection, your relationship can still be saved.


One of the good things about sex is that it can be learned. If you and your partner have both emotional and intellectual connection but the physical connection is lacking, then, of course, your relationship can be saved.

As long as you are interested in fulfilling your partner’s needs you can do it. And your partner’s satisfaction will make you happy.

You can initiate eroticism in your everyday routine. You can sex chat and flirt the whole day. You can engage in activities like cooking together and give each other a massage after that. If your sexual life is hindered by other things such as stress at work, its better you inform your partner so that they know.  They can as well suggest ways you can relieve the burden.


There is nothing good about a relationship that needs you to bend over backward to accommodate your partner. A relationship that is built on codependency cannot be saved.

There will only be changed in one way. This only happens with time and when you are close with an individual. You should be able to get used to every situation that life brings.

Your relationship can be saved if both of you can talk about what’s going on and how it’s affecting your relationship.  Ask yourself what you can do to repair the rifts that the changes have impacted.


Your relationship can be saved if you are willing to share your unhappiness with your partner or comprehend your partner’s unhappiness.

Communicating healthily with your partner allows you to be there for each other without jealousy or ego getting involved. Be sensitive to what they are going through and don’t be rude to them.

Your relationship has an optimistic look if both of you are willing to pay attention to each other and hear what the other is saying respectfully and with an open mind. Honest communication is the foundation of every relationship. That’s the reality.


I know you wouldn’t like to be with someone who makes you feel unappreciated, unloved and someone who makes you question your self-worth. There are insecurities in every relationship especially due to past experiences, but this doesn’t mean that your relationship has no direction. The relationship can still be saved as long as you and your partner are not actively using those insecurities against each other.

In an unhealthy relationship, there is a high chance of a partner taking advantage of your insecure situation to make you feel bad since they know you’re vulnerable.

In a healthy relationship, there are insecurities but if you have a very understanding partner then they won’t trigger them. Your relationship will survive as long as you are honest and respect each other.

Steps on How to Resolve Conflicts within Your Family

We usually disagree mostly with individuals who are very close to us. Such conflicts always frustrate us and bring us distress.

Regardless of what kind of conflict it might be, conflicts that occur at home are the most challenging to resolve due to the fact holding to your emotions is quite easy.

How can we, therefore, build a good relationship at home with individuals who are so close to our hearts?

I have been using the perspective triangle strategy to resolve my own conflicts. This strategy allows you to be yourself and gain clarity of what’s happening in your life which is a very important part when it comes to conflict resolution.

Below are the steps of Perspective Triangle Strategy:

Step 1: Your Own Perspective.

This step expects you to have self-awareness of a higher degree by asking yourself what’s disturbing you and all that you need to achieve.

Indulge deeply into yourself and gain clarity on what kind of conflict you’re dealing with.

Step 2: The other’s Perspective.

This step is very crucial. You need to be very empathetic to have a broad understanding of what’s happening.

Do not judge, and try putting yourself in the shoes of the other individual to feel what they’re feeling.

Ask yourself questions like, what’s going on in the life of the other person. Why did the other person do what they did?

Then ask yourself how the other individual will interpret your words and actions. What you need to do satisfy your own needs as well as the other person’s.

By doing all the above, you’ll a better understanding of what’s going on in the other person’s life and will be able to resolve very well the issue at hand.

Step 3: The Third Party’s Perspective.

Frequently, a third party can give us insight into the conflict we are trying to resolve.

This step requires you to be the third party and observe keenly the problem you’re trying to resolve.

Just imagine all kind of things the third party can tell you or imagine.

Having these three steps help you have a better understanding of how to deal with problems. It gives you room to shift positions from a victim position to a leadership position. It strengthens and empowers you.

Do not forget this…

You are the person to bring change. It doesn’t begin with the other individual. There is a high chance of conflict being a better opportunity for you to resolve issues that are very important.

We cannot avoid conflict since its part of our life but we can resolve it, change it and experience of self-growth.

Visiting a dog psychic

Many have heard of pet psychics or animal communicators.  People consult these specialists when they have a pet problem they can’t solve on their own.   One such case involved an older male dog and a younger female who, after years of living together peacefully, suddenly began to fight. The owner sought a help from a pet psychic.

The younger dog went to an obedience training camp for several weeks.  This time away was successful and her owners had high hopes.  Everything seemed fine until they brought her home.

Upon seeing the older dog, the younger became aggressive. The owners intervened by taking both dogs for a walk.  This worked temporarily.  Every transition from leash to jacket or room to room made this dog react violently.

Eventually both dogs were taken to a trainer. The pair of dogs did well and even played together.  The trainer suggested that both dogs be trained together with both dogs facing consequences  for bad behavior. Nothing seemed to work and it seemed that the younger dog was fighting constantly with the older one.

Alternative treatments such as collars and supplements didn’t work.   This is when a animal communicator was sought.

Visiting a dog psychicAnimal communicators meditate and then talk to your pet by using intuition.  While they are more commonly known as pet psychics, they prefer the term animal communicator.  They each have their own methods of communication.

Some may not even need to meet with you in person. To get one you really trust, get a recommendation from a friend or a referral from a trusted psychic.

A good communicator will find a way to keep the human from interfering, albeit inadvertently with the reading.  A pet communicator may start with a complete body scan of the pet to see if there are any issues related to pain.

Once this is completed, they will communicate with the pet.  In this case, the younger dog had become aggressive after being overwhelmed by the energies of the other dogs at the obedience facility and was responding  to the stress of the dogs. This stress and anxiety led to the bad behavior.

The communicator suggested slight changes to the dog’s diet to address the aggression issues. This, combined with dog massage and was a huge help to both the owner and the dog.  The owner  provided some dual training sessions with both dogs, thus creating an environment of treats and training with both dogs.

Eventually both dogs were taken to the communicator who found that the older dog saw himself as a means of support for the entire family.   At that point the younger dog wanted to communicate that she felt that she was being punished by being taken to the training school.  She was jealous that the older dog got to enjoy time at home, while she had to work at the school.  The communicator mediated by passing on that this training was to help her be a better dog.

This mediation also had the benefit of pointing out issues that the owner was having in her own life.  Once the owner had taken the steps towards healing communication and tension was reduced things completely turned around for the better.

Whatever turned the page, be it the communicator itself or the listening and attention to the dog things improved.  The change in energy helped everyone.

Whether or not you believe in the abilities of a pet psychic or communicator, it is a good place to go if you have tried everything else. Your pet can feel your tension and anxiety and they don’t know how to tell you.  A animal communicator can try to help.

Survive your Family

Does your extended family cause you anger and anguish or is it a source of strength? Not everyone has a close-knit family who can playfully tease about childhood mishaps and move seamlessly into dispensing wise advice without judgment regardless of what you see in the movies or commercials.

It is true when I say that a lot of individuals do not have a good relationship with family but have to learn how to deal with them during holidays. It is essential to note that your go-to strategies may not be enough since the holidays heighten emotions and nostalgia.

Try adding these tips to your survival toolbox if you’re unsure of how to face the family gathering this year.

A Sense of Humor

Survive your FamilyTake a metaphorical step back and laugh when it all gets to be too much. Just pretend that you are a character in a movie or in a dark comedy, it might be helpful. During difficult times this exercise may help you reframe your current situation and help you see the humor. Do not just start laughing out loud.

A Sense of Timing

Take the first steps towards building a better family gathering with an improved sense of timing. Identify the moment things took a turn for the worse by going back to the past. You will be able to identify triggers through this exercise and escape in time. To avoid major headaches you can prioritize to work on your sense.

A Sense of Understanding

The old saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes counts for family members too. It doesn’t mean you know them as adults regardless of the fact that you may share a bloodline or childhood experiences. Try to remember your relatives may be hurting too and do your best to extend a little bit of understanding to them. Just like you can’t accept abuse from family members, giving a little grace to your relatives won’t hurt either.

A Sense of Love

Find that connection between you and family and hold on it tightly. Let the love reminds you of the connection that you have with those people. If that doesn’t work you have no option but to put self-love first. A sense of love can save you from being hurt by others and at the same time serve as a reminder of why you are putting yourself through another family gathering.

You will approach family gatherings with a better mindset or an improved escape plan if you gain a better understanding of your relatives and the underlying complexities of your dynamics. These tools will help you survive your family and make your heart whole regardless of them giving you a renewed sense of affection for your relatives or a profound sense of appreciation for your “found family” of friends.

Signs That You’re Being Held Hostage in Your Relationship

Every relationship is going to face issues at some point in time. And those issues are going to vary. Arguments can range from a difference in personal beliefs and opinions to disagreements over handling finances and money issues. These types of disagreements are typically normal in any relationship. You’re bound to run into problems here and there and argue over things. However, it’s when these particular issues continue to come up over and over again and are seeming to always reach a volatile boiling point that you may come to realize that you’re actually in a toxic relationship. And it’s at this point in your relationship that you really need to take a step back and take a look at the signs. These signs will help you determine if you are being taken advantage of emotionally and also if you are being held hostage within your relationship because of it.

So, what is the simplest sign to help indicate if you’re currently in a toxic relationship? The telltale sign of a toxic relationship is that all problems, issues, and arguments seem to be your fault. The blame is constantly being placed on you, while your partner takes no blame whatsoever. In always placing the blame on you, your partner then can control you in the relationship. It gives him or her power over you and doesn’t allow to stand up for yourself or offer up a valid counterargument.

Another important sign to look out for in helping to determine if you’re in a toxic relationship is isolation. Has your partner been insisting that you spend all of your time with him or her and no one else? Or maybe your partner has been trying to keep you apart from your family and friends, saying you should focus on him or her and keeping them happy instead? This controlling dynamic is not healthy within a relationship and needs to be addressed immediately. If the isolation is allowed to continue, you will soon realize that you are being held hostage within your relationship.

Another way to help you determine if you’re in a toxic relationship is to be on the lookout for gaslighting. When someone is gaslighting you, it means they are using psychological means to manipulate you and make you question your sense of sanity and understanding of reality. A gas- lighter will make you question your sense of perception and make you believe that what you think is actually happening is wrong. In instances of your partner trying to gaslight you, remember that what you’re seeing, feeling, and hearing is absolutely valid, and you should never let him or her manipulate you into think otherwise.

Of course, there are many other signs you can look for to determine if you are someone you care about is being held hostage in a toxic relationship. But the major signs we’ve covered are most likely going to present themselves first. But if a loved one of yours seems more closed off than usual, keeps cancelling plans to meet up with your, or is unusually despondent when finally following through with plans, it would be ideal to check on them to make sure everything is okay.

Online Psychic Network Reviews: PsychicOz

PsychicOz is an established online psychic network that has a long history of connecting clients with talented psychic advisors. In operation since 1989, PsychicOz is an extensive online network that utilizes the many talents of a variety of spiritual readers. Although they don’t have as many psychics as other networks, they have focused on quality rather than quantity.

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Psychics can offer you clarity and guidance regarding many life circumstances, including life, love, relationships, family, finances, careers, past lives, deceased loved ones, pets, and much more.

Many of the psychics working on this network offer readings that can be done over the phone, via email, or on an online chat platform. Some psychics may offer all of these services or just a phone or chat option. You can choose a psychic based on the services they offer, in addition to the price they have set for particular kinds of readings.

Although PsychicOz doesn’t have as many psychics working on the network as others do, they do put a strong emphasis on hiring quality psychics over a lot of them. Psychics are required to have experience as readers prior to working on the network, in addition to undergoing an extensive interview process prior to starting work. Additionally, psychics must do test readings, and undergo quality control during the time they work with PsychicOz to ensure the accuracy of their readings.

For those who are interested in working on the network, there is no fee for becoming a member.

Those who are new to the psychic industry can take advantage of PsychicOz’s extensive collection of information regarding psychic services, as well as advice on how to avoid getting caught up in common scams and frauds that are frequent occurrences in the industry.

PsychicOz offers affordable prices for their psychic readings services, and rates stay affordable even though individual psychics are able to set their own prices. There is an introductory special for new clients to the network, in addition to price specials being offered to regular clients on a recurring basis. There are no hidden fees that will be posted on your bill, as all financial transactions are guaranteed secure on the website.

In order to find a psychic that you will work well with, you can filter profiles on PsychicOz’s website based on price, experience level, type of reading done, or rating. Each psychic has a profile, and with that profile comes a rating and review system. Clients are able to rate and review the psychics they have worked with in order to give others perspective on how those psychics work.

Finally, PsychicOz has an excellent reputation for customer service and customer satisfaction. It is an excellent place to start or continue your journey with a psychic reading, and offers much for clients to take advantage of.

Dispelling Myths about “Common-Law Marriage”

Clearing up the myths about common-law relationship status is becoming increasingly important, as more and more people are finding themselves in such an arrangement. For many years now, official statistics have been showing that the number of married couples is decreasing, while at the same time, the number of couples choosing to live together without being married, or “cohabit” is on the rise.

There’s actually no such thing as a “common-law marriage,” contrary to popular belief. There’s no legal status given to couples who live together in a marriage-like arrangement, but with nolegal documentation.

Laws concerning common-law relationships differ across Canada from province to province, as the relationships fall under provincial jurisdiction. Some provinces recognize couples that have lived together in a conjugal relationship for a certain period of time to be legally recognized. Other provinces require couples to register for legal status.

Laws also differ among the states in the United states. While individual states have jurisdiction over the legal status of couples, most states do not recognize common law marriages. However, every state will recognize a common-law marriage if it was contracted legally by another state.

Many unmarried couples in long-standing relationships assume that they have acquired rights similar to those of married couples. This is false. Generally, only couples who are legally married or in a civil partnership can rely on the laws when it comes to dividing up finances between them upon divorce or dissolution of the relationship.

Another common belief is  that having a child together grants the couple legal rights, whether they are married or not, or in a civil partnership or not. This is also false. There is precedent allowing parties to apply legally for financial compensation when there are children involved. But these arrangements are made only for the benefit of the children. Couples who are married or in a legal civil partnership are the only ones with legal rights and responsibilities related to each other.

If the Relationship Ends

When couples who aren’t married and who aren’t in a civil partnership end the relationship, the parties involved have no legal obligation to pay alimony. This is true even if one person stayed at home to care for the children you have together. One party may still be responsible for paying child support.

If a couple is living together in a rented residence, it’s important to consider who’s named on the lease agreement. If you were not named on the rental agreement, you have no automatic right to remain at the residence if the other person leaves.

Similarly, if you’re not named on the lease and the other person requests  that you leave, you would need to apply to court for an order giving you the right to stay. The outcome of such an application is uncertain. If your ex-partner owns your home, and there is no other agreement in place, you have no legal right to stay if your ex asks you to leave.

Likewise, if you’re not married or in a civil partnership, any savings or possessions that your ex acquired during the relationship won’t be required to be shared with you. Lump-sum orders may be made in some circumstances if the interest of children are involved.

Death During The Relationship

If you weren’t married or in a civil partnership and your partner passes away without leaving a will, you won’t automatically inherit anything, not even the home in which the two of you had been living. This is true even if you owned it jointly. Your option is to make a petition to a court for entitlement from the estate as a dependent. Such a petition can be very expensive, and the outcome is not certain.

You also won’t automatically receive state bereavement benefits or state pensions, even if you stayed at home to care for the children you had together and were dependent on your partner.

To protect yourself and to avoid all of these issues that can arise from the end of a relationship with an unclear legal status, attorneys generally recommend that couples enter some type of contractual relationship. This way, parties can agree beforehand, by contract, to rights, obligations and the division of money and property before problems arise.

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