Signs of Being in a Karmic Relationship

Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationships are some of the most powerful connections that we can make. These relationships hit hard and fast and at first glance, they may leave us doubting ourselves and somewhat off balance. All relationships that we enter into can teach us about ourselves, but the intensity of a karmic relationship is able to do as much harm as good. The direction such a relationship will take depends on how we approach and navigate it and how quickly we realize it is a karmic relationship.

The twofold reason we enter a karmic relationship is to break the cycle of bad behavior collected from previous lives and to learn how to heal damage carried over so we can move forward, unencumbered by the past. Many people confuse soulmates and karmic relationships, but they are very different. Karmic relationships are meant to teach you about others and the world while soulmates teach you your worth. Sometimes, we need to learn the lessons, but other times our partner is the one who is learning a lesson.

Signs of a Karmic Relationship

  • An overwhelming and immediate connection – The attraction cannot be denied even though you may tell yourself to take things slowly. It is impossible to slow down.
  • No respect of boundaries – Their needs come first and this often means disregarding your limits, needs, and boundaries. No matter how often you tell them or try to, they will continue to disrespect boundaries you have set.
  • Co-Dependent tendencies – Codependency is when one partner needs the other who in turn needs to be needed. This creates a damaging cycle that is highly difficult to break.
  • One-sided – The energy balance will always be inequitable with one side giving of themselves while the other constantly takes.
  • Short relationship – Due to the high energy and connection, the relationships only last for a short time periods, but are highly intense from the start to finish.
  • Feels like an addiction – Karmic relationships create adrenaline and dopamine rushes that can be addicting. The constant push and pull creates a positive feedback loop that is almost impossible to walk away from.
  • Hot and cold relationship – The relationship will be tumultuous at best with an on again, off again design that keeps repeating. You know you need to break away and can pull away for a bit, but you are always pulled back in to start all over again.
  • Control freaks, stubbornness – In a karmic relationship, it is their way or the highway. They will not take any input you give seriously and will make you feel your viewpoint is unwanted or not respected.

Walking Away

As with any form of toxic relationship, the first step to walking away is recognizing what is happening. Often, outsiders can see the truth long before you are willing. Listen to loved ones as they express concerns. No one likes to hear they made a poor choice, but if you are hearing it from many directions means you need to listen. If it is from more than one source then it is not just lack of understanding, but something you need to look at objectively. You need to see yourself as worth being treated with love and respect. Recognize you are learning some important lessons and will grow and thrive, but it is time to step away. Remember, love should enhance our lives, not detract from it. Being in love is a great life experience so make sure it is an equal love that can last a lifetime.

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