How to Build a Serious Relationship

How to Build a Serious Relationship

When you talk about a serious relationship, most people know what this means. It means no more dating here and there and becoming more serious. If you are wanting to have a serious relationship, this can be one that is challenging and has many highs and lows.

When understanding a serious relationship, this means that you are fully committed to your partner and that you do not lie or betray them. You put the love that you have for your partner first and you decide you are going to stay together forever. This means that you are no longer in the honeymoon phase and that you know exactly what you are in for.

Relationships that go past the honeymoon stage are ones that are much stronger and more stable than others. This means you are able to grow together and to love each other in a bigger way.

Making the Relationship Serious

You need to make sure that you are learning as you grow in your relationship. This doesn’t mean you just go from dating to committed but there are things you need to understand such as:

  • You and your partner need to be committed and ready. This means you have to discuss this and make sure you are both on the same page.
  • You choose to be with just each other. Being serious means, you are not going out to find someone to sleep with and you are together with just each other.
  • You work and grow together. This means that when there are problems, you work through them, and you deal with them.
  • You both have to show that there is more than care in the relationship. You have to show who you are and show even the bad things about yourself. We all have flaws, but they need to come out.
  • Both of you have to be open to your emotions and you have to learn to communicate and listen to each other. You cannot hide things and you must learn to be vulnerable around one another.
  • Trust is the utmost importance. You have to trust each other when in the home or out of the home.

When to Know the Relationship is Serious

You can know that the relationship is serious when there is more than just infatuation. When you have built a foundation that brings peace and happiness, this can mean your relationship is more serious. Here are some ways to know:

  • Your partner becomes another part of you. This means that they know what you are going to say and what you feel. They are always there for you no matter what. You don’t even think of them as a boyfriend or girlfriend but as someone you have to have with you and that you love, someone you can always believe in. You will feel like you can’t live without them.
  • You and your partner will be telepathic. This means you will know what the other is going to say and you will finish each other’s sentences. You might not know what to make for dinner, but your partner and you will say at the same time the perfect choice. You are connected in an emotional and spiritual way.
  • You both will miss each other when you aren’t together. Even though you will both need space, when the space is there, you will miss each other the whole time. You will want to tell your partner everything and you will love to share every part of your life.
  • Your partner and you will be comfortable around each other. You will feel good in your joggers and in your dress. You will be great naked and when you are on the toilet. No matter what, you will feel comfortable and will not worry about what they think about you.
  • This is the part of the relationship where you and your partner become family. You welcome their family into your life, and they welcome yours. You go to dinners together and you talk to each other’s parents like you have known them forever. You stay at each other’s homes, and you even keep your toothbrush there.
  • Even if you argue, it isn’t about drama. You learn to argue but come to a conclusion about what is going on. You face conflicts head on and you deal with them.

Relationship VS Serious Relationship

A relationship just means that there is someone new in your life and you enjoy being around them. This can be during the honeymoon period where you are getting to know each other. Chances are you will lust for this new person, and you will love to be together.

But, when the relationship begins to get serious, you will be comfortable just hanging out in your pajamas or you will want to stay in with them just to read a book. There will be times where you are around each other but you aren’t even saying anything. This is a time when the relationship becomes exclusive, and you are only about each other.

Things to Ask Before Committing

Here are some things you need to ask yourself before you make a commitment:

  • Do I see myself with this person in the future?
  • Is family or my job more important?
  • What does my financial situation look like?
  • Is my relationship important?
  • Who are the people that are most important to me?
  • Do I want to have kids someday?
  • Do I like being with my family?
  • Am I satisfied with my sex life?
  • Do I trust my partner fully?
  • Do I believe in gender roles?
  • Do I value time with my partner and time alone?
  • What do I believe about infidelity?
  • Is flirting cheating?
  • What do I like most about my partner?
  • Are me and my partner soulmates?
  • Who should make the most serious decisions?
  • Do I need boundaries in my relationship?
  • Would my partner give up things for me?
  • What makes me aggravated in my relationship?

Final Thoughts

Maybe you are in a serious relationship and maybe you are thinking about getting into one. Make sure that you are really in love and that you share things like common goals and values. When you are ready to move to the serious side, remember that the honeymoon phase is different than real life. A serious relationship will always be a winning relationship.

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