20 Reasons to Take a Break from Dating Men

Take a Break from Dating Men

It can be frustrating when you have been single for a while. You might be wondering why you are bothering trying to date at all. Perhaps this is exactly what you need in this moment.

Here are 20 reason it can be helpful to step back from dating men for a bit:

1. No pressure about your first date
2. No frustrations about constant dating app notifications from guys who only use “hey” as a message.
3. More time to catch up on your favorite shows or movies with your favorite comfort meal
4. You have more time to spend with friends
5. You can refine your financial planning and investment strategies to help get rich and live life on your terms
6. You have a fresh perspective when one of your friends is dealing with guy drama, because you aren’t having to deal with boyfriend drama of your own.
7. You can be sincerely happy when a friend gets excited about the new guy they are dating because you aren’t constantly wondering when that type of joy will find you.
8. When you see a cute guy, you can just see him for him, rather than getting flustered if he might be your type or not.
9. When you meet a funny and smart guy, you can be focused on becoming his friend first rather than wondering what type of person he’s most attracted to.
10. You are finding the idea of arrange marriage more palatable suddenly.
11. Romantic comedies are a turnoff.
12. You find all the dating advice to be overrated and unwanted.
13. You relish not having anyone ask you about your love life anymore.
14. You enjoy having all your living space to yourself.
15. You don’t care about your acne or weight anymore.
16. If you want kids, you are becoming more open to adoption or surrogacy.
17. You realize you don’t need a man to make you happy.
18. You understand that not all marriage or relationships are happy ones.
19. You enjoy being able to talk to your loved ones about things other than the dating scene.
20. You find your vibrator more satisfying than many of your past partners.

By taking a break from dating men you can realize how efficiently you can satisfying your own wants, needs, and dreams.

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