Visiting a dog psychic

Visiting a dog psychic

Many have heard of pet psychics or animal communicators.  People consult these specialists when they have a pet problem they can’t solve on their own.   One such case involved an older male dog and a younger female who, after years of living together peacefully, suddenly began to fight. The owner sought a help from a pet psychic.

The younger dog went to an obedience training camp for several weeks.  This time away was successful and her owners had high hopes.  Everything seemed fine until they brought her home.

Upon seeing the older dog, the younger became aggressive. The owners intervened by taking both dogs for a walk.  This worked temporarily.  Every transition from leash to jacket or room to room made this dog react violently.

Eventually both dogs were taken to a trainer. The pair of dogs did well and even played together.  The trainer suggested that both dogs be trained together with both dogs facing consequences  for bad behavior. Nothing seemed to work and it seemed that the younger dog was fighting constantly with the older one.

Alternative treatments such as collars and supplements didn’t work.   This is when a animal communicator was sought.

Visiting a dog psychicAnimal communicators meditate and then talk to your pet by using intuition.  While they are more commonly known as pet psychics, they prefer the term animal communicator.  They each have their own methods of communication.

Some may not even need to meet with you in person. To get one you really trust, get a recommendation from a friend or a referral from a trusted psychic.

A good communicator will find a way to keep the human from interfering, albeit inadvertently with the reading.  A pet communicator may start with a complete body scan of the pet to see if there are any issues related to pain.

Once this is completed, they will communicate with the pet.  In this case, the younger dog had become aggressive after being overwhelmed by the energies of the other dogs at the obedience facility and was responding  to the stress of the dogs. This stress and anxiety led to the bad behavior.

The communicator suggested slight changes to the dog’s diet to address the aggression issues. This, combined with dog massage and was a huge help to both the owner and the dog.  The owner  provided some dual training sessions with both dogs, thus creating an environment of treats and training with both dogs.

Eventually both dogs were taken to the communicator who found that the older dog saw himself as a means of support for the entire family.   At that point the younger dog wanted to communicate that she felt that she was being punished by being taken to the training school.  She was jealous that the older dog got to enjoy time at home, while she had to work at the school.  The communicator mediated by passing on that this training was to help her be a better dog.

This mediation also had the benefit of pointing out issues that the owner was having in her own life.  Once the owner had taken the steps towards healing communication and tension was reduced things completely turned around for the better.

Whatever turned the page, be it the communicator itself or the listening and attention to the dog things improved.  The change in energy helped everyone.

Whether or not you believe in the abilities of a pet psychic or communicator, it is a good place to go if you have tried everything else. Your pet can feel your tension and anxiety and they don’t know how to tell you.  A animal communicator can try to help.

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