Steps on How to Resolve Conflicts within Your Family

Steps on How to Resolve Conflicts within Your Family

We usually disagree mostly with individuals who are very close to us. Such conflicts always frustrate us and bring us distress.

Regardless of what kind of conflict it might be, conflicts that occur at home are the most challenging to resolve due to the fact holding to your emotions is quite easy.

How can we, therefore, build a good relationship at home with individuals who are so close to our hearts?

I have been using the perspective triangle strategy to resolve my own conflicts. This strategy allows you to be yourself and gain clarity of what’s happening in your life which is a very important part when it comes to conflict resolution.

Below are the steps of Perspective Triangle Strategy:

Step 1: Your Own Perspective.

This step expects you to have self-awareness of a higher degree by asking yourself what’s disturbing you and all that you need to achieve.

Indulge deeply into yourself and gain clarity on what kind of conflict you’re dealing with.

Step 2: The other’s Perspective.

This step is very crucial. You need to be very empathetic to have a broad understanding of what’s happening.

Do not judge, and try putting yourself in the shoes of the other individual to feel what they’re feeling.

Ask yourself questions like, what’s going on in the life of the other person. Why did the other person do what they did?

Then ask yourself how the other individual will interpret your words and actions. What you need to do satisfy your own needs as well as the other person’s.

By doing all the above, you’ll a better understanding of what’s going on in the other person’s life and will be able to resolve very well the issue at hand.

Step 3: The Third Party’s Perspective.

Frequently, a third party can give us insight into the conflict we are trying to resolve.

This step requires you to be the third party and observe keenly the problem you’re trying to resolve.

Just imagine all kind of things the third party can tell you or imagine.

Having these three steps help you have a better understanding of how to deal with problems. It gives you room to shift positions from a victim position to a leadership position. It strengthens and empowers you.

Do not forget this…

You are the person to bring change. It doesn’t begin with the other individual. There is a high chance of conflict being a better opportunity for you to resolve issues that are very important.

We cannot avoid conflict since its part of our life but we can resolve it, change it and experience of self-growth.

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