Signs Your Ex Might Be Missing You

Ex Might Be Missing You

Do you wonder if your ex misses you? If you do, you are not alone. Most people that go through a breakup want to know if they are still thought about and what their ex is up to.

Chances are if your heart has been broken, you might still have feelings for your ex and you might constantly think about what it would be like to get back together with him. The thing is, that is okay and whatever is going on in your life, it is normal to want to know if your ex has feelings for you or not.

One thing is that if they have feelings and you want to know if they still miss you or think about you, there are some signs that you can look for to know.

Running into You

If you find that you are out a lot and you seem to always run into your ex, this can mean your ex is going to all the places he knows that you frequent. This can be an accident but if it seems to be happening a lot, he might just miss you and want to run into you.


He might be always using an excuse to talk to you. He might want to communicate you and so he is always dm’ing you when he gets a change.

Social Media

When your ex misses you, he will make sure you see him. He will always comment on your pictures and on all the things you do on social media.

Asking About You

He wants to know what you are doing, and he doesn’t care to ask your friends what you are doing in your life or who you are seeing. He will ask your friends because he is still interested in your life.

Seeing Someone

Another thing that he will do if he misses you is to find out if you are seeing anyone. He will ask your friends or family or try to get his friends to find out if you are dating someone or not. This is a big sign that he is into you and wants to know what is going on with your life.

Texting You with Memories

If your ex is sending you memories and sending you texts about places or things you have done together, this is a sign he misses you.

He might be someone that is always trying to bring up things that trigger a memory. When he does this, it can cause you to miss him too.


If you are missing your ex and you want to know if he is missing you too, look at the signs above and if he is displaying any of those actions, he might want to give it a second try with you.

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