To Date or Not to Date Friends

To Date or Not to Date Friends

A lot of people tell you not to date your friends, but the truth is, if you aren’t friends with the person that you are dating, do you really feel that the relationship will be good?

What to Expect

Dating someone that you are friends will be a way that you can know what to expect out of them. If you are dating someone you have never met before, you will be in the dark. Learn to research the person you are thinking about dating and look to see how he treats other people. Let him have time to show you who he really is.

Who You Really Are

Not only do you need to know who he is, he needs to know who you are. He needs to figure out if he feels lucky to have you. When he is ready to date you, you should both know if you are meant to be together and if you share the same values and ideas.


Relationships should not just be built around what someone looks like. Everyone knows that seeing someone is the first part of the attraction but if you don’t know anything else about that person, then you need to find out what other things about them are attractive to you.

Know their personality and what they believe about life. Looks are important but other things are equally as important.

Friend and Lover

Having great sex can be amazing but you need a relationship that is more than just sex. Sex can get boring as time goes on. You need to make sure that you have a friend before you have a lover so that your relationship can go beyond sex.

Friendship is Hard to Find

It is easy to find people to go out on dates and to have sex with, but it is not so easy to find someone that we enjoy talking to and going out with. Make sure you find someone that is a friend first and then a boyfriend second.

They Love You

Make sure that you are with someone that loves you. When you have someone that is a friend first, they will less likely break your heart and hurt you. Even if the relationship doesn’t work out, a friend will let you go with love in their heart and not hate.

Friendship is Reliable

Before you form any kind of relationship, know that being friends is more reliable than being boyfriend and girlfriend. Friends are always there and are loyal. If you are with someone that is not loyal or loving to you, the relationship cannot be saved when problems come along.

Strong Connection

Dating someone means that you have some kind of spark. This can be an exciting spark or something that you discover as your relationship grows. If you are friends with someone, you might find that you have something a little more than a friendship feeling.

Bro’s Before Hoe’s

Friendships should always come before romantic ventures. If you have a good boyfriend, he will be your number one go to but if you have a friend in trouble, you will always choose them over your boyfriend when the time is needed.

Friends Equal Boyfriends

When you think about dating people, you want to have someone that loves you and cares about you. You want someone that gets you for who you are. This is when dating a friend comes along. No one will understand or accept you as much as a friend will.

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