Signs He Will Never Truly Commit

He Will Never Truly Commit

Women who want a commitment do not want to waste precious time dating a guy who is never going to make a commitment to them. The problem is, many women do not know how to tell if a guy is willing to make a commitment. So, this article will help you understand the signs and what to do. There are many signs he will never commit, but the biggest signs are shared below.

  • He is not over his ex(es)
  • He will not share his secrets or anything with depth with you
  • He does not want your input on big decisions
  • You have not met his family because he does not want you to
  • He flat out tells you he does not want a relationship or commitment
  • He does not make time for you as if you are an afterthought
  • He never displays jealousy over you
  • He puts no effort into you or being together
  • He only calls late at night, even though he is available earlier

Though one or two of these signs does not mean he is never going to commit, when you get up to 3 or more, it is likely he never will. In fact, if you are looking for signs he may never commit, it is likely you already know he never will. You likely have a bad feeling, are anxious and nervous, or just want to know where things are headed. You may even be wondering if he is cheating because he seems to be losing interest or pulling away. Typically, those women who look for signs are those who cannot figure out where he stands. The truth is, if he says he does not want a relationship, he does not and you should believe him.

There are a million reasons to say he doesn’t want a relationship. It typically boils down to some excuse about not wanting one. No matter the actual excuse, believe what he says and move on if you are interested in someone more committed. Do not get caught up in trying to figure out the excuse or trying to change his mind. This is a losing strategy. When a guy is ready to commit, it comes down to two very basic things. The first is that there is a good vibe to the relationship for him and you. Basically, if things feel good then he will want more of the good feeling. This is necessary, but not enough to cause him to commit. The second aspect that must be there is that you are single and on the market until he locks it down. This is a non-negotiable. If he is not committed to you, then you cannot be fully committed to him. This keeps your options open.

When you make this clear, there are two things that may happen, either he will not commit or he will offer what you want, an exclusive relationship. Either way, you have your answer. If he does not commit, he never will. He is not ready. You will know not to waste time trying to force the matter and move on to someone better. That being said, it is important for women to avoid the attitude that they are owed a commitment for whatever reason. No relationship should begin out of obligation just because you have been dating a certain amount of time. You want him to commit because he wants to and because the relationship is good. He is not taking advantage of you if he doesn’t commit because you have chosen to spend that time with him. Be up front if you want a commitment and if he does not agree then you have the control to walk away.

Commitment is wonderful when both people want to be committed to a better life and happiness. If you both have the desire to do this, you end up with a devoted, lasting commitment that will stand the test of time. A man who views you as his soulmate will want to commit. If he does not, he will move on and you should as well if a sometimes relationship is not what you want.

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