Signs That You’re Being Held Hostage in Your Relationship

Signs That You’re Being Held Hostage in Your Relationship

Every relationship is going to face issues at some point in time. And those issues are going to vary. Arguments can range from a difference in personal beliefs and opinions to disagreements over handling finances and money issues. These types of disagreements are typically normal in any relationship. You’re bound to run into problems here and there and argue over things. However, it’s when these particular issues continue to come up over and over again and are seeming to always reach a volatile boiling point that you may come to realize that you’re actually in a toxic relationship. And it’s at this point in your relationship that you really need to take a step back and take a look at the signs. These signs will help you determine if you are being taken advantage of emotionally and also if you are being held hostage within your relationship because of it.

So, what is the simplest sign to help indicate if you’re currently in a toxic relationship? The telltale sign of a toxic relationship is that all problems, issues, and arguments seem to be your fault. The blame is constantly being placed on you, while your partner takes no blame whatsoever. In always placing the blame on you, your partner then can control you in the relationship. It gives him or her power over you and doesn’t allow to stand up for yourself or offer up a valid counterargument.

Another important sign to look out for in helping to determine if you’re in a toxic relationship is isolation. Has your partner been insisting that you spend all of your time with him or her and no one else? Or maybe your partner has been trying to keep you apart from your family and friends, saying you should focus on him or her and keeping them happy instead? This controlling dynamic is not healthy within a relationship and needs to be addressed immediately. If the isolation is allowed to continue, you will soon realize that you are being held hostage within your relationship.

Another way to help you determine if you’re in a toxic relationship is to be on the lookout for gaslighting. When someone is gaslighting you, it means they are using psychological means to manipulate you and make you question your sense of sanity and understanding of reality. A gas- lighter will make you question your sense of perception and make you believe that what you think is actually happening is wrong. In instances of your partner trying to gaslight you, remember that what you’re seeing, feeling, and hearing is absolutely valid, and you should never let him or her manipulate you into think otherwise.

Of course, there are many other signs you can look for to determine if you are someone you care about is being held hostage in a toxic relationship. But the major signs we’ve covered are most likely going to present themselves first. But if a loved one of yours seems more closed off than usual, keeps cancelling plans to meet up with your, or is unusually despondent when finally following through with plans, it would be ideal to check on them to make sure everything is okay.

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