8 Steps to emotional freedom

8 Steps to emotional freedom

We all experience emotional changes frequently. At times nevertheless, emotions can decide to be part of us unknowingly and we don’t dare to ask it to leave. Even though we tolerate its presence at first, the weight of sadness becomes overwhelming over time. The lights used to shine get deemed.

Have you been into such a situation? Overwhelmed by emotions everywhere you go? I am not talking about people who go through depression or any other emotional disorders, I’m talking about emotional distress that we all encounter at some point in life.

The good news is there are options. The bad news is that it needs work for you to free yourself emotionally. The following steps are a way of life and not short term solutions. If you try them out, you’ll see change;

What lesson can I take from this?

When we experience emotions, we experience them for a reason. Frequently is to learn something and take lessons from there but for others who get caught up in the emotion itself, we miss that opportunity to learn. Ask yourself “what do I need to learn from this?” it will help you gain perspective and move on.

Face it

If you decide to run away from your emotional discomfort, you’ll lose on the valuable insights that you can gain. Its true nobody loves discomfort, but if we embrace it and learn from it rather than running away from it we’ll gain more perspective and eventually find peace.

Do not wallow and practice allowing

Be at ease. Welcome emotions as they come and go but do not get caught up in them. Our normal reaction is to evaluate the emotion, get familiar with it and react to it or wallow in the pain. Frustrations won’t help you. Just observe the emotion, do not engage it. In the end, you are going to learn a lot about yourself.


Meditation has a lot of benefits. It has been scientifically proven that it boosts the immune system, improves health alleviate anxiety and calm the nervous system. If you discover that your emotions are trying to get the better part of you, try meditation.


There are different types of yoga that you can try. You can try a few and see which one you enjoy before deciding on one. There are many benefits of yoga.

Take deep breaths

This is something that can also be used although we still practice it during yoga and meditation times. It is an instant stress reliever and brings relief. Try ujjayi breath, it reduces tension, reduces pain and strengthens the nervous system. You can practice it on or off the mat and learning it is so easy.

Spend time in nature

Spending time daily in nature is important. There are many activities you can undertake just to spent time outside, be it jogging, cycling and walking. This is because nature has a lot of restorative properties.

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