Respect yourself before you break yourself

Respect yourself before you break yourself

How many have you felt like changing your plans to fit your partner’s in any of your relationships? Or rather how many times have you tried to compromise on behalf of somebody else? Although at times we convince ourselves that it’s no big deal, females are always expected to be self-sacrificing. Nevertheless, one thing that should always keep in mind is, you should love the other person until you forget to take care of yourself.

We are not saying that you don’t have to be compassionate or kind-hearted, all we are saying is, it’s important to know when you no longer feel yourself in a relationship because even if you feel bad, you are always putting somebody else before you.

Therefore, if you are currently in a relationship or looking forward to dating, below are things you need to know about yourself and your needs before moving on:


Women, you have a right to how you feel. If you don’t feel good about something your partner did, let them know. Communication is key in a relationship. However, it’s very important to even be respectful while speaking to them about that issue.

Secondly, if you always choose to keep things to yourself when upset, try speaking to your partner when you have calmed down. This helps prevent more arguments. Know that you are not a lesser being when you cry over something. If they always say crying, make you look vulnerable then get that out of your head right now at times a good cry is all you need.


Spending some time away from your partner is very important. Do not forget who you were before getting into that relationship. Do things that make you happy, your partner doesn’t have to be with you every time.

There’s something amazing about solitude and having the time to grow alone. Know that individual growth can strengthen your relationship.


Do not feel like you have to do something that you don’t want to. One of the biggest reasons why people disagree in relationships is that one individual is always expected to do everything. To add to this, doing things that you don’t believe in can destroy your mental health.

This can also decrease your self-esteem as well as make you resent your partner. Good relationships involve good understanding and everyone should be free to decide what they are and what they are not willing to do. All these take us back to communication. It is key.


This has several meanings. It can mean you need to end the conversation because it’s overwhelming, it means you need to leave and at least be with your friends or it means you need to end the relationship.

This is very important, it shows self-respect because knowing what you need to leave teaches you self-worth and putting yourself first before the relationship gets unhealthy. Nevertheless, you can only have the courage to leave once you’ve taken time to grow on your own.

It’s true leaving is always easy than done, so, to solve this problem, seek advice from a trusted friend or family member.

Overall, all these four points just communicate the same thing. Self-love. Learn to love yourself first before extending the love to another person.

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