Online Dating Signals that Show You’re Being Catfished

Online Dating Signals that Show You’re Being Catfished

When you watch shows about being catfished, it is easy to talk about how fake the person is.  Sometimes it is easy to tell that they are being fake, at least when you are on the outside looking in.

Are you dating online?  Have you ever felt like a complete idiot because you were being catfished?

Here are some ways to tell if you are being catfished or not:

  1. He Doesn’t Work but Went to Harvard College.  Some people that are on dating sites talk about going to Harvard college.  It is extremely fishy when they have a degree from such a known college but then they tell you they don’t work or they are unemployed.
  2. His Pictures Are Too Hard to See. It is hard to tell who you are talking to by just looking at pictures.  If you are given pictures and they are hard to see or they are all group pictures, there is a good chance you are being catfished.
  3. He Won’t Call You. Given the chance to talk to someone on the phone helps you to know them way better than if you just talk online.  If someone you are talking to on a dating site refuses to let you talk to them, you might be being catfished.  It could be someone even from the opposite gender that they say they are.
  4. He Always Says Video Chat is Broken. In this day and age, there are many ways to video chat someone.  If who your talking to says that they can’t video chat you because it is broken, chances are you are being catfished.
  5. He Doesn’t Have Snapchat. Almost everyone has Snapchat.  If he doesn’t then he might not be real.  Ask him to download it if he doesn’t have it.
  6. If They Ask for Money. Don’t ever give someone money that you don’t know.  If they have just met you or are online dating sites, they are probably trying to scam you out of your money.
  7. Their Job Makes Them Travel and They Can Never Meet You. Being out of town is a reason that someone might not be able to meet you once in a while.  If you are talking to someone and they say that they have a job that makes them ALWAYS be out of town, they are probably catfishing you and don’t want you to see them.
  8. They Look Famous or Too Perfect. When people use fake photos, they usually use photos that look too good.  If you find someone that looks like they have fake photos, they probably do.  If someone takes a picture with a smartphone, they will not always be perfect.
  9. They Seem Fairy Tale Like. If someone seems too perfect, they probably are.  Listen to your inner being if you feel like they are being fake.  If they have nothing wrong with them, they probably aren’t real.
  10. You Have A Gut Feeling. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.  Get out of the situation and shut it down real fast.

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