Giving Your Relationship Some Soul

Giving Your Relationship Some Soul

Everyone wants to be in a relationship where they have a good companion, and they have love. If you are a woman, you will likely be someone that seeks out intimacy and wants to learn to communicate and build a good foundation with your partner.

What other concerns do you have and what does your soul want in regard to your relationship? Chances are you will want to have a relationship that will help you to get closer to your partner, that will allow you to connect with them at a deep level and that will help you to touch each other’s heart and soul. You will want to have this kind of relationship no matter who you are.

When you feed your soul, you will have to be creative and you will want to make sure you have the right things in your relationship so that you can have a meaningful relationship.

Creative Ways to Make Your Partner Your Soul Partner

There are ways that you can work hard to make your partner a soulful partner and here are some of the ways:

What Matters

Always take time each day to ask what matters to your guy. Ask him what he wants in his life, how his day has been or what dreams he has.

Maybe your partner dreamed of having kids or writing a book. Just like your dreams, his dreams are there to help him remember who he wants to be and to help him reach his future. He will accomplish his dreams and fulfill his purpose and he need you by his side.

Soul Food

Take time each day to be creative in how you tell him you love him. Put ketchup on a hotdog that says, “I love you,” or top a plate with sauce.

Food can be special but make it even more special by using it to tell him how much you love him. Let the food satisfy him and leaving him wanting more of you.


Find music to dance for that will make you happy. Find something that helps you dance and feel tender. This can help you to heal in your mind, body, and soul and even in your intimacy.

This music can be groovy, fast, or even slow.

Touch Him

Touch your partner with conversation. Spend hours cuddling him and talking about things that are both important to you and to him. Talk about things from your childhood and ask about his.

Share secrets with your partner that you never shared before. Talk about things in life and find out what is in his heart. Talk about what kind of future you want to have.


Share your dreams and your desires with your partner. Do not forget to leave in the things that scare you or make you happy.

When you share your dreams with your partner, you allow them to share your emotions and to reach each other’s hearts. You can change your relationship by using these things to gain deeper understanding of each other.

This can bring your future and your past together.

Psychic Reading

Take your partner to a psychic reading and get answers to questions you both may have. Maybe he is worried about his career or something in his life or maybe he wants to leave his job.

A psychic is there to help you get answers to questions and to find out what things are hidden deep down inside of you.

Allow your partner to have an open mind and to open his soul so he can gain insight to the different things in his personality and his life.

Since you love him as much as you do, you would give him whatever you could, even the stars if you could. Allow him to understand the energies of the universe and how it affects you and him and your situations. The energies can change the course of both of your lives and be very meaningful to both of you.

Read to You

Ask your partner to read something to you from his favorite book or newspaper. This can be an intimate moment because you are giving him all of your attention. This can also stir your childhood feelings because you are thinking of the times where you used to be read to.

This can be a book of poetry or a book on relationships or a suspense novel. The experience will allow you to both focus on each other and spend time together.

Tracing Roots

Find out the history of your family and your partners family. This will be something fun that you can do together.

You may find out some interesting facts about yourself and your partner and you will see what your partner is all about and this can cause your relationship to grow even more.

The history of your family will not be as important as spending time finding things out together.


If you have your soulmate and are connected with them, you want your relationship to be even deeper. Allow them to fill your soul with happiness and think of creative ways each day to show him how much you want him in your heart.

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