Tired of Loving You

Tired of Loving You

Does your heartbeat faster and you feel that your life is moving in front of you? You have pain in your body and every part of your soul aches? Do you feel that your attention is focused on yourself so that you do not cry or feel overly sick or exhausted?

Maybe you feel that you are too needy and maybe you want to date more, and you want to have surprises. You might want someone that will spoil you and buy you flowers or text you late at night. Even if you fight, you want to have good morning texts and you want them to tell you how good or bad their day was. You want to be that person they run to when good things happen and when bad things happen.

You might want someone that will grab you and kiss you and hug you. Someone that will grab your waist and twirl you around. You need someone that will kiss you goodbye when they leave.

Chances are that you will want something more than a casual date and you will want to be with someone that wants to talk more about goals and life than about the end credits of a movie. You want someone that is in a relationship that wants to commit and be with you fully.

You deserve to be with someone that wants to be with you and someone that you feel fully about. You want to be with someone that loves you and cares for you and someone that is proud to have you beside of them. Everyone needs to be more than just a booty call. Maybe you want someone that will cuddle with you at night and will kiss you and respect you.

You want someone that loves you and that you believe loves you because they show you who they are, and they want to be close to you. Maybe you are getting tired of fake love and want something different, someone to spoil you and to hug you when you need it without there having to be an occasion.

Love is Tiring

If you are too tired of giving everything and not getting the same in return, chances are you need someone that feels more about you than the person you are with. It can be a tiresome journey to be with someone that makes you feel less important than you are.

You need to feel worthy and to feel that you have love without demanding it. You should never have to put in more effort than your partner and you deserve someone to love you without asking.

Maybe You Loved Me

When you care about someone and you love them, you do not want to ask them to love you back. Maybe you are with someone that you love but you are tired of loving them.

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