Signs that Your Relationship Is Not Worth Saving

Signs that Your Relationship Is Not Worth Saving

Being in a bad relationship can make your life hard and can lead even to things such as anxiety and depression. If you are the only person that is putting things into the relationship, it will feel like it is one sided and that will make the relationship tiring and you will never know where it is really heading.

If you are in a relationship that never seems to go anywhere, think if it is really worth being in and worth saving. Here are some signs that you might need to move on:

Avoiding You

If you have a partner that never has time for you and is always spending time with other people, he might not find you interesting or want to be with you. You want to find someone in your life that wants to take time for you.

You Are Different

Loving someone means that you accept them for who they are, and you do not want them to change. If you are with someone that is always wanting you to change or be someone you aren’t, chances are you should leave that relationship.

Go to Person

You should have strong communication with the person you are with and this should be your go to person. You should always be able to open up to this person and if you cannot, there is probably something wrong in your relationship.


When you do communicate with your partner, do you feel that you are always fighting even over dumb things? You should be able to express your feelings without fighting over things.

Heart Strings

As your relationship gets stronger, you should be more in love, but you will get out of the honeymoon phase. If you find that you do not have any sparks after this stage, you might should let this person go and find someone new.

Getting and Not Giving

A relationship should be equal steps on both sides. If this is not happening and you are the only one putting in any effort, you need to either repair your relationship or find someone who appreciates who you are.


Everyday of your relationship is not going to be super exciting but it shouldn’t always be a bore either. If you go for walks together or cook a great meal, there should be some excitement. There has to be effort on both sides to make the relationship work.


Growing in your relationship should be the goal of any healthy relationship. Both you and your partner should always grow together. If you are not inspiring each other and you are growing apart, you may need to end this relationship.


Your partner should not always want to be about you but if a good amount of their time does not include or involve you, chances are that they are not putting effort into knowing you.

Feeling Loved

Being with someone is all about feeling loved and feeling wanted. If you no longer feel that way and you feel that you are always working too hard to feel like you matter, you might need to move on without them.

A relationship should be about being happy and healthy and if you are not in this kind of relationship, consider letting them go and finding someone new.

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