Have Luck in Love

Have Luck in Love

Being lucky in love doesn’t mean that you are going to be completely happy or that life isn’t going to be full of challenges.  When you find love, you will realize that not everyone is the same and you need to try new things and do your best to make sure that you are giving your best and finding the perfect relationship.

Finding the perfect love is like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans.  You may get lucky and find someone that fits you perfectly, but you might not find someone that is a perfect fit.  Finding someone that is a best friend can make your relationship stronger and the day you meet them can be the beginning of your story.

Settling for someone is not a good idea and when you are looking for someone to meet, you will know that you have gotten lucky in love.

Luck in marriage does not just happen, being lucky in love means that you have to work at finding the right relationship, work at making your significant other happy and focus on what each other wants.

When you focus towards finding a way to make your partner happy, you will feel that you are lucky in love and you will feel that life is fulfilling for you.

When life happens, it is hard to find people that meet your expectations and your needs.  You want to be the center of attention and you want to find someone that puts you first.

When you are single, finding the right person can seem impossible.  It can be hard to figure out the dating scene and to figure out how to be excited by the partners that you meet.

Especially, if you have experienced a lot of losses or a lot of people that don’t fit your hopes and dreams, finding the perfect love can seem virtually impossible.

Online Dating

Trying online dating is a good idea and can help you to put yourself out there.  You may never find someone that is perfect for you and you may realize that you are single for a reason, after going on some of your dates.

You should check out at least five different people on your dating app before you choose to move on.  The brain is made to prevent you from interacting with new people because it doesn’t always see things as right.  If you have too many choices, your brain will make it feel like love is impossible and you will become uninterested.

What You Want

If you want to get lucky, figure out what you want.  Make a list of what you are looking for and figure out what characteristics you want in a partner.  Connect with people with traits from your list, but also connect with people that are the complete opposite.

Finding people that are different can show you what other things feel like and can make you want to change your idea of what a perfect lover is.

When you find someone special, luck could happen.  Find people that love the same things you love and want to do the same things that you love to do.  Worry more about what you will stay home and watch on tv with your partner than what characteristics you see that are negative in them.

Being Lucky in Love

Figure out what being lucky in love means to you.  What makes you feel romantic and what makes you desire your partner?  Find things that get you excited and that stimulates that dopamine in your brain.  If they don’t make you have these feelings of excitement, chances are you are not finding luck in love.


When you think about being lucky in love, you might think about playing the lottery or being struck by lightning.  Even though this can be a big thing, finding luck in love can happen.  Figure out what you want and put yourself out to find and understand what love really is.

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