When You Date a Baby Daddy

When You Date a Baby Daddy

There are times when the universe might set you up to date a baby daddy.  These types of relationships can be rewarding and fulfilling.  Sometimes, the idea of dating a baby daddy is not what you want, and you might avoid the situation all together, but you might reconsider it if you meet the right baby daddy.  There are some things that you should know when you are dating someone that has kids, and these are important things to remember all the time.

Being Number 1

If you want to be number 1 in someone’s life, you should never date a baby daddy.  The kids will always be number 1 in his life and they will be living with their dad, at least here and there, until they are 18 years old.

You have to understand that when he spends time with his kids that they are going to want him, and he is going to trust that you will help him with the kids when they are crying or into things.  A dad always will put his kids first without making you feel that you are neglected.


A baby daddy has baggage because he has an ex and kids.  This will not be easy and might come with some emotional baggage which might make him not commit to you as fast as you would like.

A man that has a kid has been through a lot and is still trying to figure out if it is worth having another romantic partner or not.


If you are the jealous type, this relationship might not be for you.  The guy will have a mother of his kid and they might hate each other but they might be bonded because of their child.  If you get jealous easily, this might not be the perfect idea for you, or you need to learn not to be jealous.


When you date a guy that has kids, chances are that he will have to figure out his schedule and that it will change, and maybe often.  If you are not the flexible type, you might want to consider dating someone that isn’t tied up in a family already.

He won’t play games with you or mess with your head, but if it means that he has to change his schedule to see his kids, he will.  Not all dads are upstanding, and some do not care about your time so make sure you pick a good one.

Having Kids

Remember, just because this guy has a kid, it doesn’t mean he wants to have one with you or that he is ready to have another kid period.  A man’s status as a father doesn’t mean that he wants to make babies every time he dates someone new.

If you want to know if he wants to have kids, ask him and don’t just jump to conclusions that he does.

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