Mending a Broken Heart

Mending a Broken Heart

When we fall in love, chances are that we will end up with some type of broken heart, at least a time or two.  It is never easy to mend a broken heart and there is no way to stop your heart from hurting fast.  When you love someone deeply, chances are in rejection that you will have pain.  Here are some ideas on how to lessen your heart pain and move on.

Work Through It

You have to work through heart pain and not try to avoid it.  You have to grieve so that you can move on.  Go through the pain so that you can make sure that it is taken care of and that it doesn’t surface again later.

Be Independent

Try to find ways to get rid of the void that you are having without starting a new relationship.  You can detach from a relationship and find peace in other things that you do.

Even if you are sad, try to get rid of the grief with your own life and find things to fill your emptiness that are creative and fun.


If you feel defeated, you have to figure out what you are good at and what is good about you.  Build up your self-esteem and tackle some new challenges.


Take time to think about other things that excite you including sex.  Find something to fantasize about that makes you happy.

Help People

If you are suffering, find someone to help and this can help you to recover faster.  When you help another person that is struggling, it helps you to forget your own pain.

Laugh or Cry

Laughing can help you to heal but crying can do.  Sometimes a person needs a good cry in order to move on with their life.  Take time to have these cries and get rid of the toxic substances in your emotions.


Make a list on which activities can bring you joy.  Write these things down and work on doing things on your list that make you happy.  Write a list of things that do not make you happy and try to avoid doing these things as much as you can.

Work Out

Work on getting rid of your grief by working out.  Join a walking group or go swimming.  Find a physical activity that you love to do and find people that you can have like minds with.

Create Your Own World

Create a world of your own where you don’t allow negative energy in it.  Get rid of people in your life that bring you down and find friends that can lift you up and make you happy.


Always look for hope.  There is an emotion that is stronger than fear and loneliness and that is hope.  This is to believe that something better is going to come. Don’t be afraid to move on and to see what the world has in store for you, and always hope it is something great.  Forgive your past, yourself and move on.


When your heart is broken when a relationship ends, you have the option to close yourself off or to figure out how to heal.  Love again and deepen the love you have for family and friends.  Find way sot move on and to find happiness within yourself and within others.

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