Learning from Losing Your Love

Learning from Losing Your Love

Have you lost someone that you have loved, and it feels like the world has stopped and the sun will never shine again? Do you feel like your nights last forever and they are no longer fun or romantic, but they are dark and scary?

You will feel wounded and like your cut is full of salt. This will leave you feeling uncertain and vulnerable. You have lost the person you love, your best friend and lover and now you aren’t sure what to do next.

When you are in a relationship that is good, you expect that your partner will be with you forever. You forget not to take for granted this relationship and you never imagine that your life will be without them.

Maybe you have been going on a couple of months since you have lost your loved one and maybe you are seeing now that you have to learn to move on and make life better.

There are things you can learn when you lose someone you love:


You have to learn to remember what you appreciated about your love. You have to realize that you were on a journey with this person and it was amazing and different. It was different than any journey that others had, and you should appreciate that these memories exist.

You have to realize that you cannot compare yourself to others and you cannot compare your relationship to anything else. You have to remember that spending time with the person you love is what you are meant to do, and you never should feel like love was less than someone else’s.

The great thing about love is that it is unique and in your life it can be successful.


You will have change in your life. Having change is not always fun but you have to accept it and know that you will be okay.

Relationships change as time changes and you will see that changes are a new way of living. Once you realize this, you learn to be more respectful and love the things that you are doing in your life.


When you think of the loss that you have inside of you, think of what your life would have been like if they hadn’t been part of it.

Remember to be thankful for that person in your life and what they showed you. Imagine what your life could have been. Even in separation you have found that you had someone that loved you and made life fun.

Stop thinking about bad things in your relationship and remember that you need to be thankful for what you have.


Learn to create an adventure in your life. When you get into a relationship, chances are you lose your time and passions.

You have to learn to be somewhat independent because this is healthy, and you have to live your passions and be truthful with who you are.

Being in a good relationship makes space in your life and it allows you to be together.

Don’t Look Back

You cannot change what happens in your life and you have gone through things so that you can grow.

You will be who you are meant to be, and you need to be thankful for the relationship and what it taught you. Never look back and be distracted by your past.


Make a choice to be positive and to find positive things about others. Know that people are different and unique and that they have flaws.

Even flaws are unique. If you find that you have broken up with someone you love, remember the things that made your relationship and your life unique and know that it was special.


Be open and caring of others. Listen to what people are telling you. Have empathy towards others and pay attention to those that are listening to you. Share your emotions with other people and always be present.


Let people find their own way. Love them along the way but if they want to be let lose, let them. If they want to walk away, it is their choice and maybe the world has more to offer you. Let it go and grow.

Nature of Love

Understand that your relationship will be full of emotions and feelings. Life is one of the things that dictates your life.

Accept that things in your journey often change and there will be times when one will carry the relationship and it will be normal and healthy and then there will be times where it is a struggle.

Being partners means that there is going to be a story.


Some of the happiest people in life never stop trying new things. If you want to have a strong relationship with someone, learn to explore life and do new things.

Never get stuck in one place and even if you have not done something before, open up and try it. Learn to take chances and have an open mind.


Write down things. Sometimes you are busy, and you forget to communicate with others. Write a note or a text to someone you love and let them know you are thinking about them and how much they mean to you.


Learn to communicate with people and understand them. Even if you seem to speak different languages, learn to communicate openly, and figure out how to talk to others.

Learn to be effective in what you say and make sure your partner understands you. Ask people if they want to talk to you and be sensitive. If they don’t want to, respect that. Enjoy talking and understanding each other without criticism.


Stop fighting in your relationships. Whatever fights you have, put them down at the end of the day before you go to sleep.

Do not hold a grudge. Doing this is part of your ego and it is not good. Holding onto hurt will only cause hurt in the end and you are better than that.

Learn to love each other and whatever fights you have, let them go. Learn to forgive and forget. Make this a choice.


Set goals with your partner. This will help you to be closer and to grow together.

Learn to set new goals all the time and when you finish this together, celebrate it. This will inspire you to set more goals and to reach them.

Goals can help you find your way and share things together.


You were not born to love everyone so stop thinking that people should have to love you. Learn to love and when you learn to love you will learn to listen and you will learn how to fight with them and learn to make them smile and learn what their language is.

Stop waiting for someone to love you and learn to build on love.


Being vulnerable is scary but you have to take chances if you love someone. Learn to bond with your partner and be more open. When you open up, they will open up and this will get rid of fear and doubts.

When you are vulnerable, it shows someone how much you love and trust them.

Lip Service

Sex is something that makes everyone vulnerable, but it also leads to laughter and fun. When you are having sex, it means you want to be one and you will share this bonding love and develop your heart.

Sex is about two people being vulnerable with each other and sharing themselves. Do not be fearful of sex and let someone accept you for who you are.

What It’s Not About

Your relationship is not about what you wear, what you drive and who you will become. It is not about you look or how perfect you are.

Love is about celebrating your mistakes and flaws and it is about being the best person you can be. Love is imperfect and free. When you find that person that you love, make sure they love you for who you are, and you love them for who they are.

Love should have no judgment.

Newton’s Law

Newton says that when an object is resting it will not move unless something moves it. This should apply to your relationship too.

If you do nothing in a relationship, you will be stuck there. Before you lose what, you have, learn to act on your relationship and take notice of the small things you accomplish together. Be victorious together and see that your relationship can be strong.

Learn to work together and deepen the bond and connection you have with your partner and you will be closer to them than ever before.

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