Being Straightforward in Dating

Being Straightforward in Dating

There are some struggles with being someone is straightforward and here are some things that can happen when you are this type of person.


There are many rules that you feel that you have to follow.  Stop following so many rules and playing hard to get, be more straightforward.


Dating rules are not always helpful and can waste your time.

Pick-Up Lines

You don’t care if there is a weird pickup line on a dating site, it just helps you get rid of the creepy people.


Stop taking so much time to communicate back and forth.  If texting is a problem for you, pick up the phone and call him.


When you are mad at someone that you are dating, don’t give hints, let them know what is going on and tell them why.


Having openness is good for you and it allows you to handle your issues.  But when you tell people that you are so open, it makes them think you might be a little crazy.

Liking You

You are okay with people not liking you and you will get over it if someone cancels on you.  You will not want to waste their time if they don’t like you.


You don’t always want to be romantic and sometimes you want to just have a drink.  You don’t have a problem telling someone that.


Being backwards does not let people see that you are cool, you don’t care though, just give yourself a drink.

Social Media

You have more fun on social media than you do actually dating or dating sites.


Even back in the day of AOL, you were kind of boring when you chatted.  You felt that people should just get to the point.


You make it clear when you want someone to do something with you and the rest of the time you are flexible.  You always have something going on anyways and you are always busy.  You don’t want them to think that there is anything wrong with you wanting your guy or girl around for your special moments, though.


You are not bossy; you just know what you want, and you are willing to ask for it. This isn’t ridiculous or selfish, just who you are.

Dating Rules

You think some dating rules are ridiculous and they turn you off.


You give your friends advice, but you want to give advice of “why are you wasting your time,” or “they aren’t good enough for you.”  You have a long list of your own rules, but you don’t think that people should go out with someone that is sending bad vibes.


You respond to texts days later and you say, ‘sorry I meant to respond to this.”

Romantic Gifts

You like gifts like flowers and chocolate, but nothing is better than a note or someone telling you how much they like you.  You wish that people were more honest, and you want to be attracted to people that are real and not fake.

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