Long Distance Relationships that Work

Long Distance Relationships that Work

We are very connected in our world and we have the chance to meet new people and to find people all over the world. We don’t have to wait to find love because of the lack of opportunity and sometimes you can even find love thousands of miles away from where you live.

Having a long-distance relationship used to happen and people had a hard time making it work. Someone might move far away for a job or go into the military. People would have to learn to adapt to these changes and make room in their heart for this to be.

Now, we can have long distance relationships and with things such as the internet, we can even meet people purposefully that life far away.

There are challenges that long-distance relationships have that regular ones do not have but you can make it work if you try.

Here are some challenges with long distance relationships:

  • Having money to travel to where the new love lives.
  • Negotiating distances.
  • Not having long face-to face time.
  • Having trouble with the view of the relationship.
  • Having strong emotions.

Finances are a big deal when you are involved in a long-term relationship because flying is expensive and even if you drive, it can be costly buying food and having a place to stay when you visit.

It can be hard to manage a long-term relationship and people can sometimes get jealous because they do not get to hang out with your friends and get to know them. They might face a lot of complaining and they will lack in the intimate relationship that comes when you begin to fall in love.

By having boundaries and understanding, long term relationships can come but there will always be a chance of problems.

Expectations and Reality

We spend a lot of time with someone we are with and long-term relationships are not like that. You will not have the great sex or the romantic dinners that cause there to be more bonding. You will have expectations and will often be disappointed because things won’t be how you imagined them to be.

It is hard to dismiss the feelings when a relationship is growing, and this can cause trouble with distances. You will have stress of missing each other and even if you are committed it can be questionable because you don’t see how your partner is acting.

Research shows that you will have feelings of excitement, joy, anger, jealousy and other things that can cause a fight in a long-term relationship.


You can be successful and happy even though there are challenges in long term dating. Even if you are living close together does not mean your relationship will work and things just take time. You need to have open communication and that will bring success.

Always keep positive feelings and feel safe and secure unless they give you a reason to no. Learn to communicate over the phone and on facetime or other video chats rather than just texting. It is important that you will see each other, even if it is on video streaming. You can also save money so that you can meet up regularly.

The regular rules apply just like if you are in a close term relationship such as being open in communication, be clear about your needs, have trust, be intimate and always be kind and loving. When you talk on the phone, make sure that you are not making an option but a priority.


Long distance relationships are not as personal, but you can make them as personal as you can by communicating and having positive emotions. Treat them the same way that you would if someone lived close to you and you can see the relationship work.

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