Are You in a Relationship with an Old Soul?

Are You in a Relationship with an Old Soul?

There will come a time in most of our lives when we meet someone who feels familiar, like we have known them before even if it is a first meeting. We will have no way to logically explain the feeling, yet we may sense that something life changing is about to happen. These souls, regardless of actual age, race, or gender, show up spontaneously and create profound ripples that carry for years. All of this happens with a quiet word and loving presence. This person is likely an old soul.

Old Soul Defined

There are certain people in life who have outlooks and perspectives that vary greatly from most. These people perceive the world through the weathered eyes of an old person, not a young person. These people are often said to be wise beyond their years and may feel somewhat alienated from others. Still, there is a profound interconnectedness with life and a deep understanding even when they are children. The old soul is a natural sage, counselor and mystic that can provide guidance and support to others for a lifetime.

Having someone who is an old soul be part of your life is a huge blessing, yet it is very easy to take for granted. If you are fortunate enough to be part of this type of relationship, express gratitude for all the guidance and support they provide. If you are not sure you are in a relationship with an old soul, then look for the following signs.


An old soul tends to mimic behaviors of old people. They like to relax and unwind at home without a need to go out often. The mind is much more stimulating than the rest of the world, so why go out. If you are with an old soul, they will prefer to stay home.


Old souls are refreshed by solitude and find it restorative in nature. This is where they feel in touch with the core of life. Because of this, the old soul is content to spend long periods of time alone without concern. Since they have limited psychological energy to begin with, the old soul is thankful for alone time spent reading, tending gardens, or even completing a small project.

Little Things

Old souls treasure the little things in life and the small moments. They may place importance on watching a specific show together or long walks. The commonplace moments of intimacy are what they delight in as they see them as sincere. Knowing life is unpredictable, the old soul realizes transience in everything. This is why it is important to capture simple joys when possible.


Old souls walk to their own, quiet drums. This is their nature. Since they have different outlooks from most, they see the fallacies of social conditioning and seek truth that is often obscured. This may cause them to be odd in their fashion choices, mannerisms, beliefs, and perspectives. While they still appreciate tolerance and acceptance in relationships, it may be of eccentricities.

Profound Connections

For a relationship with an old soul to be successful, you must know the old soul is not about superficial connections. Old souls want to connect on deep, profound levels so the deepest of thoughts, dreams, and perspectives can be shared. This will bond you and them. Without this type of connection, they will move on.


Old souls are great teachers. Whether you need to learn to be empathetic, learn to accept others and yourself, or learn to be more gracious, an old soul can help. Old souls serve as both lovers and teachers, companions and mentors. While this odd mixture can cause problems, it can also be a perfect combination for long term happiness. Even if the relationship with an old soul ends, you will likely still admire and feel grateful for them and the lessons they taught.

There When Your Need It

Old souls are often a rock unless teaching you about fortitude or resilience. They are in it for the long haul, through thick and thin, even when life is unpredictable. Their ability to stay calm can get you through the darkest times of life allows you to trust immensely.

Elegant Taste

Many old souls are not really romantic in the traditional sense, but when they make an effort, their approach has that old world charm. They delight in sensitivity and symbolism. They may kiss your hand, pick a single flower, light candles, or offer jewelry as a symbolic piece. Whatever they choose to do, it will be full of meaning and significance.

No Games

Many couples get wrapped up in relationship ‘games’ that they believe create drama, but the old soul is not interested in playing or enabling such. If you are in a relationship with an old soul, expect a stern response to such games. They give and expect respect and will not waste time with such things.

Brutally Honest

Old souls appreciate and expect honesty for a loving, balanced relationship. If you are with an old soul, they will put emphasis on honesty from you and themselves. They will share whatever is on their mind and expect you to do the same.

May Seem Indifferent

The old soul does not see life as serious as others. They understand the reality of impermanence, so they never get overly attached to much of anything, whether good or bad. This can be interpreted incorrectly as being uncaring, but they are simply enjoying their balanced ride in their way.

Give and Expect Freedom

The best thing about being with an old soul is that they give you freedom over yourself and prefer you do the same for them. They want you to do your own thing without condition, but want you to be honest about it. They will be supportive of dreams and endeavors, but you must do the same for them if it is to last.

Unconditional Love

Old souls are able to accept most things pretty easily. While they may love you no matter what because they see your inner beauty, they will not be used. The get that a healthy relationship is about give and take, but if you are selfish or cheating and do not correct it, they will not be a martyr.

Less Likely to Cheat

Old souls are not saints, but they are not always that interested in sex or cheating. They prefer to be drama and conflict free, at least as much as possible. The old soul will be more likely to share feelings and thoughts with a partner than sexual acts. They are sexually active, but are rarely libido controlled.


Old souls will always give more than they take. If you are with an old soul, they will leave you feeling smarter, better, and an improved version of yourself, even if you do not stay together.


Take the time to think of all your old soul friend or partner has done for your life and enriched your world. Think about expressing thanks for all they do and have done because it is easy to take for granted. Enjoy this special opportunity to connect with someone so special before the mindlessness of life gets in the way.

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