Will Your Ex Comes Back

Will Your Ex Comes Back

After a breakup you will probably wonder if he or she will come back to you. The truth is that even if they come back to you, life will not be easy.  What will happen if they come back to you?  Will they stay?  Here are some reasons you should ask questions.

Wrong Reason

Remember, there are wrong and right reasons for an ex to come back.  If they come back for the wrong reasons, they won’t stay long and will cause you to have a broken heart again.


Your ex might realize he or she was wrong and come back.

They will realize that they left for the wrong reasons and will come back to you, or they will come back and not have any value for you or the relationship.  If there are true feelings left, then they might stay, but if the feelings are not there, chances are they will leave you again.

Do you really want to go back to your ex and chance getting your heart broken again?

Good Reasons

If your ex comes back and there is a good reason that they come back, this will probably be a long-term fix and they probably won’t leave you again.

Getting Them to Come Back

If you want to get your ex to come back, you need to pay attention to these rules and follow them.


Don’t rush them.  Do not seem desperate or try to win them back.  This can cause them to come back at the wrong time and for the wrong reason.  Don’t be so trusting and make them come back and rebuild the trust that you had for them before.

You need to take advantage of knowing who they are and if they are coming to make your life better or if you are going to get hurt again.  If you let them come back to you after a breakup, you need to do this:

Be More Attractive

When you want them back, you need to not allow them to touch you.  Do not have sex with them right away and make them look at you and chase you.

Being close to them and not allowing them to touch you or be with you can cause them to want you more.  You need to make sure that your issues are resolved before you decide to get into an intimate relationship again.

Correct the Problems

If you know why you and your ex broke up, you need to work on making things better.  You need to figure out what needs you have and make sure that they are willing to meet them this time.  Make sure there is no negativity and that you are not being selfish.

If you want them to come back, improve yourself as well.  You shouldn’t announce that your ex is coming back or bribe them to see you but do things in your life to make you better and they will see that you are attractive and will want you.

Don’t be sensitive and allow the issues to be addressed and fixed before you ever take them back.


Focus on who you are and what you want.  Why do you want to give them another chance?  Let them see that you have passions outside of the relationship and find new hobbies and friends.  Give them something to look forward to about you and when they come back, don’t be clingy.

Take time to be apart and see if you even miss them.

Signs They Will Come Back

When you want them to come back to you, your ex will give you signs if this is going to happen.  When you want them back, you miss them, and you are always spying on them on social media or asking people what they are doing.

It doesn’t make sense to you why they left you in the first place and why they said they would never leave you and then they did.  You will wonder if they even loved you ever.

Your pain will cause your mind to try to find answers and not to be confused.  Your brain will give you signs that your ex is going to come back or that you need to do something to get them back.  Your brain will give you different reasons as to why you should be with them.

Know that there are clues that your ex will come back and you need to pay attention to them and see if they are worth it.

Stop Looking

When you still love them, it is hard to stop looking for them.  You might even feel like you are obsessed with what they are doing, and you might always be trying to find out what they are doing.

If you are looking for signs that they are still interested, you need to look for these signs:

  • They start talking to you again.
  • They talk about the past and what went wrong.
  • They ask your friends about you.
  • They are curious about you.
  • They seem jealous when they see you with other people.
  • They tell you things about them that are private.
  • They try to find out if you are dating someone.
  • They give you information that they are single.
  • They blame themselves for breaking up with you.
  • They make excuses to see you that are weird.
  • They admit that they have dreams about you.


The truth is if your ex comes back, can you really trust them.  If they want to come back, they will find a way back to you.

Your ex will come back for different reasons and the way to get them back is to make sure that they are attracted to you, even more than before.

You can show them that things have changed and that you are a different person.  You can practice being kind and having good relationship skills.  Learn to be about others and not to be selfish.  Remember that love and commitment go hand in hand and make sure you are ready to settle down before they come back.

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