Fixing a Relationship

Fixing a Relationship

When you are dating someone and care about them but then there are times that you cannot stand to be around them, chances are you need to move on and find someone else to date.  When you have a love-hate relationship, there will be emotions that can get out of control.  When a relationship is in existence, it is full of ups and downs anyways, so a love-hate relationship will be even worse.

Here are signs that you need to fix it or move on:


If there are parts of him that you love and you want to be with him, then you need to understand that there are qualities that you love and fix the relationship.


Then, there are parts of him that you cannot stand.  His behaviors annoy you and cause you to be aggravated.

Strong Emotions

Emotions in any relationship can be strong and, on the days, you love him, you really love him and on the other days, you are angry and upset with him.  There might not be mutual ground.

Breakup Makeup

The two of you will fight and break up and then get back together in a few hours.  You forget about the fight until the other one starts again.


You love your guy and you see him as a prize.  You don’t want to give up after you put in effort and you will stick around to see what happens next.


You feel that your relationship has no purpose and you are there just to not be lonely.  This type of relationship will not likely have a real future and you need to move on.


You don’t have a true connection with this person, and you don’t think he is important.  You love him but not deeply and you always fight.


You have feelings that are the same as his feelings.  Before you decide to move on, talk to them and see how he feels.  Does he feel that you are not getting along well?  Is the relationship worth fighting for?


If you love someone or have real feelings for them, you must communicate.  You have to find out if things can be fixed and if the relationship has a real future.  Find something to do that will improve your life.

Working Things Out

Decide if what you have is worth working on and if there is a chance to make the relationship strong.  Do you have the energy it takes to work on this and are you both willing to give your time for it?

Pros and Cons

Sit down and write a list of the pros and cons of the relationship and see if it is worth working out.  If it is, then you will know that it is meant to be.

Blame Game

In any relationship, not one person is at fault.  You are both doing things that can make the relationship feel sour.  You have to figure out how to fix things without blaming each other for what has went wrong.


Talk to a therapist or someone that does not have a commitment to either of you.  Talk to someone that can be neutral and tell them what is going on.  See if you can solve the love-hate relationship.


If you can work things out and let go of all of the hate, work them out.  If you cannot, let go of the relationship and start new.  This can allow you to have a deeper connection and to have new meaning to the relationship.

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