Ways of giving him that “meant to be” feeling

Ways of giving him that “meant to be” feeling

It is not easy to know whether what you are feeling for a man is real or just crazy lust especially if you have brushed shoulders with yourself over a man, feeling bad about him one minute, and feeling all the positive vibes the next moment. Well, even men experience this too.

A man has two parts. One part of him may feel drawn and attracted to you while the other part that decides whether or not you are the one is likely to have its doubts.

When you start experiencing this a guy will probably begin showing his true colors.

One day he tells he’s not sure if he wants to date, the next moment he texts you and tells you how much he misses you and wants to see you again.

Now surely, what’s a woman supposed to do? Is there any woman who always wonder whether these men are flakes sometimes?

Paying attention to your instincts

Maybe you are dating someone and an inner voice keeps telling you he’s not the one even though you feel good about him in so many ways.

If that’s the case listen to it. If you pay attention to its amazing. Contemplate about it. How many times have you ignored that voice that warned you and goes ahead with something which later turned out to be a disaster?

Having a heart to heart with you

That voice is your intuition or rather let’s call it your “fourth brain.” And it’s the largest part lets appreciate your heart intelligence. When your intuition is speaking never ignore it.

It is the only thing that will tell you the truth. Especially when you meet a man, it will tell you if he’s the right man for you.

You will know this because you will feel different unlike when you were with other men.

You’ll calm down once the fourth brain senses that you are with your person. You will also feel peaceful, safe and be relaxed when around him.

When you spend all your time trying to figure a man out, then you are definitely with the wrong man.

Linking up with your inner knowing

What do you love apart from him? You should be able to know that.

Imagine just feeling relaxed because someone truly loves and is dedicated to you.

the best thing about being tuned with your fourth brain is that it can make you more attractive to a man.

He will find it hard to resist you. He will get attracted to you without even knowing since you’ll look sexy, grounded, confident and real.

Of course, he can discover that you are interested to talk to but there will be something about you that melts his soul.

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