When You Are Unable to Hurt Others

When You Are Unable to Hurt Others

Each relationship is different, and many people wonder if they have a romantic relationship that will last forever when they go through enlightenment and the truth is that there is no real relationship rule for this because each relationship is so different, but the truth is, your life will be better no matter what.

Some people have relationships that go to another level that is better and even perfect at the time. Do not go out and put a lot of stress on your partner or try to get them to change but allow them to do what is good for themselves. Find out what they want and figure out what you want and allow the relationship to be happy and to let the universe have its way in it.

What Will Happen?

There are some things that can happen during your enlightenment including:

  • Their vibrations have to change to match yours, so if you are happy, chances are they will get happy.
  • You will change and you will feel different, but it’s a good things.
  • The relationship will end, and it will open up an area for someone else to come in that fits better with you.

When the first two things happen, this can mean that your relationship will last forever. Do not let your joy end and stop working so hard on your relationship but just be happy with what is going on in your life.

Chances are that you might meet someone that is better than your past relationship. You will find out that if you break up with your current love that you will see that you will feel better and your vibrations will increase. You will reach a new level in your enlightenment and you will want to restore your own self so that you can reach a better relationship.

You have to learn to let your heart go and allow the universe to find someone for you that will share your spiritual journey and will make you feel happiness and peace in your life. Allow your love life to have energy and to help you become the best you can be.

Ended Relationship

If your relationship ends quickly and you find yourself alone, allow yourself to get to know more about what is inside of you. Allow the universe to show up and to bring someone that is more compatible with you. They will share your vibrations, and this will happen at the right time. Do not try to rush this. Learn to enjoy your life and be happy.

Take your happiness and learn to wait for things to come in their own time. Be happy with what you have now and allow it to bring you love. You have time now to make your other relationships better with your friends and your family. Stop trying to attract someone and let the universe send you what you need.


Some people will have to let go of their old relationships because they are changing and moving in a different direction. You want to reach your higher self and if you are going through enlightening and you find that your relationship is not exciting and that the change is great, this can be the universes way of freeing you so that you can find yourself or a new love.

Goodbye Past

It is time to say goodbye to your past. If this includes your relationship, let it go and find that you will make different choices and that your mind will be clearer about the choices that you make.

Was it Love?

Imagine the person that you were with and figure out in your heart if you really thought it was true love. Were you happy and were you feeling the love of your partner?

Being Left

If you are the person that is being left, do not feel surprised, this sometimes happens when you go through change. Do you want someone that really adores you and accepts your change or do you want someone who doesn’t?

Having someone in your life that doesn’t accept your enlightenment will never bring you happiness. You need to find someone that is about you and about you changing and finding your best you. Find someone that wants the best for you.

New Love

New love will come when you have reached where you need to be in life. There is no rule as to when this will happen.

Need to Be Alone

Some people need to be alone during their enlightenment and here are some ways you will know if you need to embrace your solitude for a while:

  • If you keep trying to find alone time and being quiet. If you find your quiet time to be satisfying.
  • If you desire to have time with yourself and you feel that you do not need to be with someone else. Or, if you feel too addicted to someone then you will need alone time to find your wholeness.

Inner Guidance

Do you wonder why changing hurts? This happens because there is something that you are gaining in life that will be much better for you. When you feel temporarily sad or lonely, you will have these feelings, but they will move past you and your feelings will be there to help you change and transition in your new life.

Sometimes going through pain is part of finding who you really are.

Inner Self

Make sure you let go of things around you and you learn to connect with who you are. Life is trying to help you get over negative things and to bring you to peace.

Letting Go

If your heart tells you to let, go of your relationship then chances are that they do not match up to your vibrations. You need to find someone that fits you better or you will never find your greatest calling.

Wonderful Future

There will be something better for you and for the person you are freeing if you let them go. They will be able to find someone that they really fit with.

Staying for the Kids

Do not stay in a relationship for your children. Sometimes you have to go through pain so that you can better yourself. Allow your children to see that.

Teaching Children

When you teach your children to stay with someone just for them, it causes them to believe that they have to suffer in negative situations. Your happiness should not depend on someone else or the approval of others. Find happiness and teach your children to find them.


Your children will learn from you and you need to be real with your children and not try to trick them or give them false hope.

Feeling Right

Do things that make you feel right. If you are always being honorable to others and you need to move on, do it.

Reflection of Evolution

Your relationships should be a reflection of your evolution and your change. When you change relationships, you will see that this should reflect your growth.

Death Do Us Part

If someone thinks that you should judge a relationship based on how long it lasts, that is wrong. You should be with someone that makes you feel good and someone that shares your hopes and your dreams. When you change, your dreams might change, and this might push your partner away.

Never measure a relationship and decide it is good by how long things last. If something ends, then chances are it was not meant to be.


Relationships do not always just end sometimes they just evolve and when you move on away from your partner, this allows them to change and to evolve as well.

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