Healing Your Heart

The heart chakra is the area that connects your energy to your center and gives you the ability to love and get love.  If you have been emotionally wounded throughout your life, you have energy that has impacted you and you have learned how to manage your heart energy.

Even if you are an adult and you have learned to have love, you need to energize your heart chakra to expand your ability to give and receive love.  This is a healing gift for all of us.  Here are some ways to do this.


If you think I am not being serious, I am.  Even though I don’t like push-ups either, doing three or four of them can help you to focus on the center movement of your heart and can help you to get back to the connection with your planet.  Straighten your body and with your weight on your arms, take a deep breath, exhale and then when you breath back in, bend your elbows and lower yourself as far as you can.  You don’t have to go far, but while you do it, focus on your heart area and imagine a green light coming into your chakra from the center of the earth.


Give yourself love and appreciation.  This can add to your heart chakra.  Tell yourself that you love you and that you appreciate yourself.  Give yourself a big hug and know that you are really appreciated.

Up to the Heavens

Everyday, stretch your arms up to the sky like you are lifting your whole body to heaven. Take a deep breath and say, “I open my heart up to the Divine Power.”  Di this even when you feel too much ego or if you don’t feel like you can surrender your heart.  This is important so that you can let love come through.

Breath in Your Heart

Use conscious breathing so that you can notice how deep your awareness is.  This can help you to know what your heart is feeling.  Take a deep breath and close your eyes and mediate.  Imagine energy going downward each time you take a breath in and bring it in from the heart space.  Imagine the energy coming form heaven into your heart.  Imagine the color green and white or golden. With each breath, let your heart take in the energy.  Exhale through the entire being.

Heart Chant

Do a chant that helps you to not feel overwhelmed in your life.  Say “I open my Heart to surrender to love.”  Sing it over and over again until you feel the energy going back into your heart.

Online Dating Signals that Show You’re Being Catfished

When you watch shows about being catfished, it is easy to talk about how fake the person is.  Sometimes it is easy to tell that they are being fake, at least when you are on the outside looking in.

Are you dating online?  Have you ever felt like a complete idiot because you were being catfished?

Here are some ways to tell if you are being catfished or not:

  1. He Doesn’t Work but Went to Harvard College.  Some people that are on dating sites talk about going to Harvard college.  It is extremely fishy when they have a degree from such a known college but then they tell you they don’t work or they are unemployed.
  2. His Pictures Are Too Hard to See. It is hard to tell who you are talking to by just looking at pictures.  If you are given pictures and they are hard to see or they are all group pictures, there is a good chance you are being catfished.
  3. He Won’t Call You. Given the chance to talk to someone on the phone helps you to know them way better than if you just talk online.  If someone you are talking to on a dating site refuses to let you talk to them, you might be being catfished.  It could be someone even from the opposite gender that they say they are.
  4. He Always Says Video Chat is Broken. In this day and age, there are many ways to video chat someone.  If who your talking to says that they can’t video chat you because it is broken, chances are you are being catfished.
  5. He Doesn’t Have Snapchat. Almost everyone has Snapchat.  If he doesn’t then he might not be real.  Ask him to download it if he doesn’t have it.
  6. If They Ask for Money. Don’t ever give someone money that you don’t know.  If they have just met you or are online dating sites, they are probably trying to scam you out of your money.
  7. Their Job Makes Them Travel and They Can Never Meet You. Being out of town is a reason that someone might not be able to meet you once in a while.  If you are talking to someone and they say that they have a job that makes them ALWAYS be out of town, they are probably catfishing you and don’t want you to see them.
  8. They Look Famous or Too Perfect. When people use fake photos, they usually use photos that look too good.  If you find someone that looks like they have fake photos, they probably do.  If someone takes a picture with a smartphone, they will not always be perfect.
  9. They Seem Fairy Tale Like. If someone seems too perfect, they probably are.  Listen to your inner being if you feel like they are being fake.  If they have nothing wrong with them, they probably aren’t real.
  10. You Have A Gut Feeling. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.  Get out of the situation and shut it down real fast.

Creating peaceful relationships

The most important experiences of our lives are formed by our relationships.  Relationships help your bodies and souls as we learn our life lessons. We see ourselves in the mirrored reflection of other people. Relationships teach us how to love and forgive.  These are important life lessons.  There are some simple ways to make your relationships pass a little more peacefully.

Love yourself

Don’t expect your relationships to make you feel fulfilled. Figure out what you are missing and fix that first. If you have unfinished business and pain from your childhood, do what you can to fix that  first  so you can work on closing the emptiness. You can do this by taking some time for yourself. Spend time alone and give yourself what you want from others.

Don’t blame or judge

Do you like to be criticized? How about judged?  The answer is probably “no.  Before you start with the complaining and accusations, ask yourself why you are reacting that way? It is your feelings? Why are you striking out at someone else.  Think about the lesson you could be learning from your feelings. Try and understand why you are feeling the way you are.  Your feelings are a way for you to grow.

Honesty is the best policy

If you want a true and lasting relationship, you have to be honest with your partner. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you feel and think. Don’t try to manipulate them with your words.  Don’t hold back because you are afraid. You can be honest and respectful. Not only will this help you feel satisfied, it will help your partner will be honest with you.

Live in the moment

Life changes constantly. There is no such thing as permanence. Life and all of it’s forms are in a constant cycle. If we are truly to enjoy our lives, we need to allow ourselves to enjoy the moment to moment nature. There is no permanence so let your baggage go and enjoy your life.

Do you prejudge people?

It’s not uncommon to make assumptions about people or places that you don’t know. It’s part of being human. So it is easy to assume the worst about a total stranger.  Our decision making is is part of a three pronged process.

Here’s how we make our decisions:

How we were raised. The way we were brought up greatly influences how determine our impressions and make our decisions. This ingrained belief system helps us decided what to think and what to believe.

Our experiences.  Many of us know that our experiences teach us valuable lessons. Any child who has burned themselves knows not to touch the stove or iron ever again.  You can  read that snow is cold, but until you have stood in a blizzard, you can’t really know.

Choices Possibly the most important component in our decision making is our free will. It is our free will that allows us to choose. No matter how we were raised or what lessons we have learned, it is our choices that gives our life shape.

And, when we see someone behaving in an unfamiliar way, we judge them without taking into consideration their experiences or beliefs or the way they were raised.

 Case study of snap judging

A man and a woman, Dustin And Jessica were so attracted to each other. they seemed destined to be together. Each felt that the other had been placed in their lives by the universe.  After a while, Dustin decided to help things along and they eventually moved in together. Soon Dustin asked Jessica to marry him. Shortly after this, the trouble started.

The trouble began when Dustin’s mother told him that she didn’t approve because Jessica was over a decade older than him. He began to spend less and less time with him.   Soon the couple began to argue.  Eventually Jessica began to doubt Dustin’s love for her.   As this happened, Dustin began to criticize his lady love.

A few months later they split up. As a result, they missed each other terrible and were quite miserable. Neither could explain what had happened to their happy lives  This all came about from the snap judgements of their families and friends.

This whole story would have had a happy ending if Dustin’s support system hadn’t been so quick to judge his relationship because of their age difference. If they had considered that they were pushing their own values on this couple, they wouldn’t have interfered with this couple’s potential for happiness.

Indications that your relationship can be saved if you contemplated its already broken

We always think perfect relationships exist, which is not the case. This is because people are very complicated, especially when trying to connect with each other.

If you feel like your relationship is having ups and downs, it doesn’t mean its broken. Your relationship can still be saved through communication, willingness to grow together and respect for each other. It’s true that you can’t try to save all relationships, but there are those you can try at least.

Below are signs that your relationship is worth saving:


The fact that you might not be happy in a relationship because your partner is not, is the greatest news ever. This means that if you didn’t care about the relationship and your partner then you would just be undertaking your daily activities normally without feeling anything.  This, therefore, suggests that there is a chance that your relationship can be saved until that time where nobody will no longer care.

The relationship is not over until that time that the connection between you and your partner will loosen. Unless one of you cut that connection, your relationship can still be saved.


One of the good things about sex is that it can be learned. If you and your partner have both emotional and intellectual connection but the physical connection is lacking, then, of course, your relationship can be saved.

As long as you are interested in fulfilling your partner’s needs you can do it. And your partner’s satisfaction will make you happy.

You can initiate eroticism in your everyday routine. You can sex chat and flirt the whole day. You can engage in activities like cooking together and give each other a massage after that. If your sexual life is hindered by other things such as stress at work, its better you inform your partner so that they know.  They can as well suggest ways you can relieve the burden.


There is nothing good about a relationship that needs you to bend over backward to accommodate your partner. A relationship that is built on codependency cannot be saved.

There will only be changed in one way. This only happens with time and when you are close with an individual. You should be able to get used to every situation that life brings.

Your relationship can be saved if both of you can talk about what’s going on and how it’s affecting your relationship.  Ask yourself what you can do to repair the rifts that the changes have impacted.


Your relationship can be saved if you are willing to share your unhappiness with your partner or comprehend your partner’s unhappiness.

Communicating healthily with your partner allows you to be there for each other without jealousy or ego getting involved. Be sensitive to what they are going through and don’t be rude to them.

Your relationship has an optimistic look if both of you are willing to pay attention to each other and hear what the other is saying respectfully and with an open mind. Honest communication is the foundation of every relationship. That’s the reality.


I know you wouldn’t like to be with someone who makes you feel unappreciated, unloved and someone who makes you question your self-worth. There are insecurities in every relationship especially due to past experiences, but this doesn’t mean that your relationship has no direction. The relationship can still be saved as long as you and your partner are not actively using those insecurities against each other.

In an unhealthy relationship, there is a high chance of a partner taking advantage of your insecure situation to make you feel bad since they know you’re vulnerable.

In a healthy relationship, there are insecurities but if you have a very understanding partner then they won’t trigger them. Your relationship will survive as long as you are honest and respect each other.

Signs That You’re Being Held Hostage in Your Relationship

Every relationship is going to face issues at some point in time. And those issues are going to vary. Arguments can range from a difference in personal beliefs and opinions to disagreements over handling finances and money issues. These types of disagreements are typically normal in any relationship. You’re bound to run into problems here and there and argue over things. However, it’s when these particular issues continue to come up over and over again and are seeming to always reach a volatile boiling point that you may come to realize that you’re actually in a toxic relationship. And it’s at this point in your relationship that you really need to take a step back and take a look at the signs. These signs will help you determine if you are being taken advantage of emotionally and also if you are being held hostage within your relationship because of it.

So, what is the simplest sign to help indicate if you’re currently in a toxic relationship? The telltale sign of a toxic relationship is that all problems, issues, and arguments seem to be your fault. The blame is constantly being placed on you, while your partner takes no blame whatsoever. In always placing the blame on you, your partner then can control you in the relationship. It gives him or her power over you and doesn’t allow to stand up for yourself or offer up a valid counterargument.

Another important sign to look out for in helping to determine if you’re in a toxic relationship is isolation. Has your partner been insisting that you spend all of your time with him or her and no one else? Or maybe your partner has been trying to keep you apart from your family and friends, saying you should focus on him or her and keeping them happy instead? This controlling dynamic is not healthy within a relationship and needs to be addressed immediately. If the isolation is allowed to continue, you will soon realize that you are being held hostage within your relationship.

Another way to help you determine if you’re in a toxic relationship is to be on the lookout for gaslighting. When someone is gaslighting you, it means they are using psychological means to manipulate you and make you question your sense of sanity and understanding of reality. A gas- lighter will make you question your sense of perception and make you believe that what you think is actually happening is wrong. In instances of your partner trying to gaslight you, remember that what you’re seeing, feeling, and hearing is absolutely valid, and you should never let him or her manipulate you into think otherwise.

Of course, there are many other signs you can look for to determine if you are someone you care about is being held hostage in a toxic relationship. But the major signs we’ve covered are most likely going to present themselves first. But if a loved one of yours seems more closed off than usual, keeps cancelling plans to meet up with your, or is unusually despondent when finally following through with plans, it would be ideal to check on them to make sure everything is okay.

Why Do You Hurt Those You Love Most? What to Do About It?

You love each other but can’t manage to communicate without arguing, fighting and ending up exhausted, each one in his corner, trying to lick his wounds and thinking of how to protect one self against a new attack. And in spite of that.. you love each other? How is this possible? Why do people hurt most those they love?

How come we can’t express our love? How come we are full of good intentions but when it comes to reality we find ourselves again shouting and blaming the other one. And then that monster of guilt jumps out of nowhere to our throat to strangle us once again.

How to stop this infernal behavior?

First let me explain why this happens.

We all need energy. We need energy to live and to survive. Energy comes in many forms : love, attention, interest, food, friendship, money, approval, recognition..

We all need this to feel good, to build our personality and to find our place in society.

But here it is : as long as we think this energy has to come from other human beings, we will get caught up in struggle. Because human energy is limited. We have to fight for it. Human energy doesn’t last. There isn’t enough of it. So we have to be the quickest, the smartest, the most beautiful one, to attract the attention from the other and to pull his energy.

If this doesn’t work, we try another strategy. We try to pull attention by negative behavior. Every child learns this very quickly in his early life : when he is playing quietly on the floor with his toys, mum goes on cooking dinner or talking with daddy.

But as soon as the kid hurts his little sister or is playing sick, mums hurries to give attention to him. She shouts maybe, she’s angry or worried, but no matter, all this is attention for the child! He learns very quickly which behavior gives him the greatest amount of attention and energy.

When his mother or father looks at him, even angry, it still is energy coming his way! When they shout at him, they give him energy. Negative energy, alright, but it is better than no energy at all.

When we grow up, and start to date, we discover a very interesting phenomenon : when we fall in love, we receive a lot of energy (read : attention, interest, time, love etc.) for free. The other person gives us freely and abundantly a whole bunch of energy.

We don’t even have to ask for it, we don’t need to apply any strategy to pick this energy, it’s all for free! We let go of our mechanism to pull the energy of others towards us. We loosen up. We fall in love. We almost literally fly. We are high!

Everything seems to have more colour, is more vivid, we feel lighter, life seems easy, everything goes by itself, we have the feeling we love everybody and everything, even our grunchy boss! Nothing can hurt us, we feel safe and boosted with energy. But this is his or her energy! We are flying on someone else is energy, and human energy is limited!

And that is exactly the problem! This stream of free energy begins to slow down, because the other one goes back to his business and activities he had before. Why?

The body is not able to handle this amount of adrenaline for a long period of time, they say.. but the real reason is we need to learn to pull our energy from somewhere else, not from a human being but from the source of energy itself.

So our lover gives us less free energy than before. We were used to this energy-flow and now we have to do it again by ourselves! Free energy is so much easier! We don’t have to do any effort to get it! And now we are getting less of this free energy, we don’t want to let this happen.

At this moment our old childhood-system of capturing energy is triggered because of the scarcity of energy (there is an alarm inside us that says : “Danger! Lack of energy!”) and the old mechanism to capture energy from others starts running in our head and in our behavior.

The mechanism that worked when we were a child to get the energy of our parents, will be triggered by the lack of energy now. We do what we did as a child to get energy flowing our way.

We can do this by playing the victim (Oh poor me, look at all that I do and nobody is grateful! Look how good I am and still life strikes me with disapproval, disease and misery! Oh oh oh!).

Or we get attention by being aggressive, shouting and trying to dominate the other one. A third mechanism is harassing the other one by asking too many questions and controlling him. A fourth system is playing silence, refusing contact, not to speak and not to react, so the other one will do whatever he can to get in contact with you again and this will give you his energy.

These systems will of course make the energy of the other one flowing your way. But what next? The other one is now low on energy and wants to get his energy back.

So now his mechanism is triggered by his lack of energy. He will now use the system that assured him the energy of his parents when he was little, to get his energy back from you. He will either shout at you, either playing the poor one that didn’t deserve your treatment, either torture you with a bunch of questions, or refuse contact.

This explains why we hurt the ones we love. First reason is we want their energy, energy they gave once for free. We hurt our loved onces most because they gave us love and energy and attention for free in the beginning and now we have to do it on our own and we are angry and want get back to them. We think we are entitled to have their energy still for free and start our mechanism to get it.

Second reason we hurt them most is because of convenience : they are always around, their energy is available so when we are low on energy we try to rip their energy off, and hurt them by doing that.

Stealing energy from another human being is hurting him.

What can we do about this? We should only be in contact with other people when we are sure to be already filled up with energy, so we won’t steal theirs.

When we are full of energy, and conscious of what happens between people, we can give the other one energy instead of ripping him off. We should not meet each other when we are low on energy. It is the responsibility of each and every person to generate energy by himself and not to depend on other people.

How to do that? By connecting to the energy that is always available. That is the energy of the Universe. The easiest way to connect to this energy is contemplate the beauty of a flower. You also can contemplate the beauty of an object or a person. You can listen to beautiful music, take a walk in nature, meditate, pray, dance, paint, read positive texts, work on your mission on earth, love your cat or dog, anything that gives you energy.

Make a list of every activity and behavior that increases your energy level. As soon as you feel you are in a conflict with your partner, boss, child, parent or whoever, do something to get yourself together and raise your energy.

Don’t say anything until your energy-level is again high enough to be able to send energy to the other one. By sending energy, you are sure not to steal energy from the other one. This is an act of love.

If you are not able to get your energy level any higher, go to another place, do something for you and wait until your vibrations are high enough to meet the other one again.

The important thing in a relationship is not to make the other happy or to expect the other one to make you happy, but to make yourself happy and offer this happiness as a free gift to the other!

Loving another human being is giving him energy!

See the difference? Do you want to love your loved ones or steal their energy?

5 Easy Steps of Exploring a New Relationship Without Getting Hurt Again!

Katie had not been in a relationship in ten years, and she was scared to death. In her last relationship, she had lost herself completely and then felt devastated when her boyfriend of three years left her for another woman.

After working on herself emotionally and spiritually for a number of years, Katie, now 48, felt she was ready for a new relationship. So she joined an online dating service and promptly met Sean, who seemed too good to be true.

Warm, compassionate, intelligent, and also on a personal and spiritual growth path, Sean, 55, was an available man! Now Katie’s fears that she would not meet someone turned to fears of being in a relationship again.

Katie had learned how to take loving care of herself when she was alone or with friends, but doing this with a man was another matter. She had never actually taken care of herself in any of her relationships, and she was very worried that she would let herself down again.

Katie wanted some guidelines regarding loving actions she could take for herself as she started to explore the relationship with Sean, and she wrote to me asking me for these loving actions.

So here they are some loving actions to take when first exploring a new relationship:

1. Stay focused inside your own body, noticing your own feelings rather than just being tuned into the other person’s feelings. Stay conscious of NOT taking responsibility for the others person’s feelings of worth or security, and NOT making the other person responsible for your feelings of worth or security.

2. Make a solid decision before getting together with the other person that you are willing to lose the other person rather than lose yourself. Make a conscious decision to NOT make the other person’s wants, needs and feelings more important than your own.

3. Stay clear on your own truth, NOT letting the other person talk you in or out of what feels good and right for you.

4. Be willing to take full, 100% responsibility for behaving in a way that makes you feel worthy, safe and powerful. Be willing to be who you really are rather than trying to impress. Make a conscious decision that being in integrity with who you really are, is more important than getting the other person’s approval.

5. Do NOT disregard the big or small things that you find difficult, intolerable or unacceptable. If something is unacceptable or intolerable to you early in the relationship, the chances are that it is not going to get better. Do NOT convince yourself that, because there are so many good things about this person, you can overlook the problems or get the other person to change. This NEVER works!

Fears of rejection can emerge very early in a relationship. Some people are terrified of doing something wrong and being rejected, because they make they other person responsible for their feelings of worth and lovability.

The fear of rejection can lead a person to give him/herself up to the other person, thereby touching off fears of engulfment  of loving oneself and being controlled or consumed by the other person.

Thus, fears of loss of self or loss of  often surface quickly and people find themselves either giving in or pulling away in their efforts to protect themselves from their fears.

If you allow fear to guide you, you will likely either pull away or end up in an unsatisfying relationship. The most important thing to remember as you move into exploring a new relationship is: LET LOVE BE YOUR GUIDE, NOT FEAR.

This means that you need to be open to learning about what is most loving to YOU what is really in your highest good rather than trying to have control over not being rejected or controlled by the other person. So, number six is:

6. Keep asking your inner wisdom, What is the loving action toward myself right now? What is in my highest good right now?

If you keep asking this vital question, you will find your way through exploring a new relationship without losing yourself and without getting hurt by the other person.